Window Coverings for Your Sunroom

Window Coverings for Your Sunroom - girl at sunny window

A sunroom is a great feature in any home. The right window coverings can not only enhance the décor of the room, but can also provide extra privacy, comfort against the sun and protection for furniture and floor coverings that can fade when exposed to the sun. Window shades and blinds are a popular choice for sunrooms.

Before Buying Sunroom Window Coverings

What’s the focal point of the room? Go inside of your sunroom and just look around. If the focus is on the outside, go for vertical blinds. If the focus is inside, softer and delicate blinds will bring attention to the inside. Do you want to make a statement? Go for bold solid colors. 

What’s your décor? When you are shopping for window shadings, consider the existing décor. Is it rustic, modern, beachy? Window coverings work as an extension of the interior home décor and bring a sense of consistency.

The shape and size and shape of your sunroom and windows are very important! Take detailed notes of the dimensions of the windows. Take note of the size of the sunroom itself. Cool-colored window coverings can enlarge a room while tall verticals extend it. For smaller windows, roller shades or mini blinds are a good choice; for larger ones, go for vertical blinds. Cover odd-shaped or curved windows with cellular shades.

Do you want more privacy? Cellular shades are excellent for blocking noise. These blinds are a good option to block external noise and still let natural light in.

Window Coverings for Sunrooms

  • Roller Shades: They are great for larger windows and are very easy to handle. They come in many styles and colors that can be matched to your sunroom’s décor. 
  • Woven Wooden Shades: Also known as Natural Roman Shades, they are designed from natural fabrics. They have a low R-Value, meaning low insulation. These woven shades block less incoming light. 
  • Sheer Shades: If you are not worried about privacy and still want to allow a lot of light to pass through, consider sheer shades as an option. Their translucent fabric is light and brings a classy and elegant look to your sunroom. 
  • Cellular Shades: These shades can provide high levels of light and noise insulation and can help to protect your furniture, carpet and flooring. Cellular shadings are often found in solariums.
  • Solar Shades or Sunscreen Shades: If your sunroom has west- and east-facing windows, this could be a wise choice for your sunroom. Solar shades can help to block the glare of the sun.
  • Wooden Shutters or Plantation Shutters: These classic window coverings are not only beautiful but will add value to your home. You can easily regulate the amount of incoming light by adjusting the louvers.

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