Top Questions to Ask Before Renovating Your Sunroom

The importance of research cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to a home renovation project. When it’s time to tackle a large project, you could have a lot of contractors to choose from and picking the right one can be challenging. 

Knowing the right questions to ask will make the selection process simpler. 

Keep reading to find out the best questions to ask before hiring a contractor for your sunroom makeover.

What is Included in the Consultation?

All professional contractors offer a pre-renovation consultation, and this is the perfect time to get important questions answered. Having a good understanding of what is included during the consultation will help you achieve the desired outcome. 

If you are not exactly certain about what you need, the consultation will allow the professionals to offer suggestions based on your lifestyle, characteristics of the space, and your budget. 

The consultation period is also a time when the renovation team will ask the homeowners questions that help them create a personalized renovation profile. Some questions homeowners can expect during a renovation consultation include:

  • How do you plan to use your sunroom?
  • What are your must-have features?
  • What is your sunroom renovation budget?

Is the Renovation Work Guaranteed?

Getting a sunroom renovation project underway is a big step and many homeowners will want assurance that the contractor stands behind their work. 

Typically, work will be guaranteed against the use of defective building materials as well as workmanship, but you must discuss guarantees before work begins. Ask your team what guarantees are offered and be sure to get any promises in writing. 

The top firms stand behind their product and many offer limited or lifetime warranties for their clients’ peace of mind. 

What Are the Payment Terms?

Discussing the design specifics of the sunroom renovation will usually take precedence during a consultation, but it is perfectly fine to discuss payment. 

Payment terms can vary widely and depend on the company or contractor you choose to complete the renovation, so it is best to understand the terms in the beginning. Some companies prefer payment milestones, which means the homeowner will make payments as the different phases of the project are completed. 

Always ask about the company’s specific policy on payments before signing any documents and if any parts of the policy are confusing, ask for clarification.

How Experienced is the Contractor with Sunroom Renovations?

This question may seem like a no-brainer but choosing a company with a proven track record for success is one of the most important parts of the selection process. Ask the contractor for specific examples of work they have done. Ask for photos of past projects and details about similar projects they have completed in the past. You should ask for references. A reputable company will be happy to provide these to you.

In addition to their experience, you will also want to make sure that anyone working on your sunroom renovation is properly insured and licensed. Requirements vary depending on where you live, so before your consultation, be sure to research the local licensing rules. Many states require that contractors have their licensing information posted online, so you can check the company’s website ahead of your consultation appointment. 

If your state requires it, have the representative show you their credentials. Always work with contractors who are licensed and in good standing with the license-granting regulatory authority. Why is licensing so important? Should something go wrong during or after the renovation, it will be very difficult to track down an unlicensed contractor.

Why Choose Sunshine Sunrooms?

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