The Value of Adding a Sunroom To Your Home

You dream of building a sunroom, the perfect addition to your home that will bridge the in- and outdoors and give you extra room to play, entertain, or just relax.

But how much tangible value will the sunroom actually add?

An annual Cost vs Value report published by Remodeling Magazine offers a few tips on how to get the best returns on your remodeling investments.

  1. Small Does Not Mean Less

Believe it or not, low- and mid-range projects offer a larger ROI than more upscale remodels. A project cost of $100,000 might only return around 63%, while an $18,000 remodel returned almost 75%, according to the report.

A sunroom makes a perfect remodel/addition project. Most sunroom additions will give you that extra floor space that adds value to the home, without the grandiose cost of many remodeling projects. Plus, you will reap the benefits of your dream room, even if you never put it on the market.

  1. Keep It Simple

Off-the-wall home improvement projects are likely to make more of a negative impact than a charming one. Potential buyers prefer a neutral canvas where they can add their own personal touches, as opposed to dealing with a previous owner’s eccentricities.

So, if you plan to stay forever, feel free to install that bowling alley or ballroom. If you plan to sell eventually, spice up your home remodel with something more realistic, like a sunroom.

  1. Each Housing Market is Distinctive

Each particular housing market has its own quirks. Thus, it is best to seek the advice of a local realtor or expert remodeler on the housing market in your area.

For example, if every home in your neighborhood has a sunroom, you may find that your home is less appealing on the market than your neighbor’s house two doors down.

Remember, a lot of value lies in personal appeal. If your dream remodel includes a sunroom, then go ahead and add value to your life by designing and building a sunroom.

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