The Benefits of Screened-In Porches in Texas

The Benefits of Screened-In Porches in Texas

Your home is where you should be able to relax and renew. Having a place to go where you can view the outside world and feel refreshed, needn’t be a luxury. A screened-in porch can be an affordable and relaxing way to recharge, entertain, meet with friends, or practice a hobby. 

Outside spaces like patios and decks are perfect for warm, pleasant weather and are a pleasure to have. But they lack the ability to protect you from the elements. 

Sunrooms protect us very well from the elements and provide a separate space to relax in. Although they are beautiful and desirable in any home, sometimes there can be complications in adding one to your home.

A screened-in porch on the other hand, might be considered a fair compromise. It is more protective than a deck or patio, and less formal and expensive than a sunroom. But, you may also simply prefer a screened in porch due to many factors. Let’s look at the benefits of a screened in porch in Texas.


If you already have a porch, screening it will usually cost a few thousand dollars. However, even decks and patios can be converted. Even if you are starting from scratch, there are so many options regarding building materials, that you should be able to pick options that are affordable. For example: the type of framing, flooring, screens that you choose can vary widely in price.

Screened-In Porches Can Add Value to Prospective Buyers

You may be adding to your curb appeal and value if you have a screened-in porch, especially if care has been taken to make it attractive. Adding a screened-in porch adds to the functionality of a home and will be sure to beckon many buyers.

Keep Bugs and Allergens Out, And Nature Close

Let’s face it no one likes bugs, except maybe people who study them. A big reason for having a screened-in porch is that mosquitos and other pests, not to mention debris, allergens, and curious little critters, like squirrels, won’t have a chance to make themselves at home. This in itself will heighten your enjoyment in the summer months.

Another obvious plus is that while it lets in natural ventilation and air circulation, it shelters from inclement weather such as rainstorms, snow and strong winds. It also protects against the ravages of the hot sun.

You Will Naturally Lengthen the Time You Use Your Porch

On a day to day basis, a screened-in porch can lengthen the time you stay close to nature. Imagine being on your deck and it begins to rain. You can still enjoy some of that outdoor feeling by going onto your screened in porch.

Without screening, a porch or deck will be uncomfortable in cold weather. Why not set up a space heater or portable fireplace, have a few blankets and cozy rugs in your screened in porch when the colder months appear?

Being inside for long periods of time can take a toll on some people’s mental health. By going outside and enjoying the surroundings you can feel refreshed. Having a screened-In porch, patio, sunroom, or pergola gives you that chance to enjoy the outdoors if you aren’t up for a huge hike.

They’re Fairly Low Maintenance

Compared to a deck or open porch or patio, your screened-in porch will require less upkeep. Furniture and flooring will be more shielded from the elements and so will require less labor intensive cleaning. However, note that it’s likely that maintenance will also involve screen and wood repairs. A full re-screening may be necessary after several years depending on the severity of the weather and the durability of your screens. Learn how to clean your screens by reading this short description.

Your Young Children and Pets Will Be Safe

There’s no danger that a young child or a pet will escape from a screened-in porch. This means that you can play games, read, or practice a hobby with your child with ease. Your pets can find a place to sleep or play with toys.

Advances in Screens

Screens have come a long way in the past several years.

  • Durable screens are available that protect against pets’ claws and teeth
  • Sun blocking screens (solar screens) block UV rays and also leave your porch cooler and reduce glare
  • Polyester screens are especially tough in the cold weather, and, although more expensive, they don’t need to be replaced as often as fiberglass. They are great for large pets as they are so sturdy. Used often for sliding door screens and lower windows, they are twice as strong as fiberglass screens.
  • Aluminum and fiberglass are both common materials for screens.

Fiberglass is the least expensive and is pliable. It won’t dent when pushed against. However, it’s more fragile and so may need to be replaced more often. Less natural light is allowed in. Aluminum is more expensive than fibreglass but lasts longer and is more durable against the elements. However, unlike fibreglass it is not pliable and is more likely to have dents if pushed against. Copper and bronze window screens are more important for areas that have harsh weather conditions. They are super durable and won’t rust but they are also very expensive.

Screens Add a Bit of Privacy

Even if you love entertaining friends on your screened-in porch, you may want a bit of privacy when it comes to strangers passing by. Screens may not be opaque, but they still add a layer of privacy. So whether you have friends over or just want to meditate or sit quietly, you’ll be able to do this with less distraction than if you didn’t have screens.

You’ll Have a Second Family Room or Entertainment Space

There’s nothing like sharing time with family and friends and having a screened-in porch allows you to do just that in a natural atmosphere. Even if it’s a bit cold outside, try adding a portable fireplace or a couple of space heaters. A screened-in porch can be used as a dining space, an entertainment center, a work space, a hobby room and more. Really the sky’s the limit. Learn more about how to decorate your screened in porch.

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