The Benefits of Pool Area Screens in Texas


Having thoughts about adding pool area screens (also commonly called a pool screen enclosure) to your home to enhance privacy, safety and enjoyment? With a little thought and research you can choose a style that will complement your home and lifestyle whether you reside in Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex or North Texas. With the many benefits of pool area screens, your pool will become an even more popular pastime for you and your family. It’s important to consider your needs when choosing the type of residential pool screen enclosure. First consider:

  1. Your budget.
  2. How many insects, bugs and animals are in your area.
  3. Do you have pets?
  4. Is privacy a concern?
  5. How much time do you plan to spend on maintenance?

All of these factors can help guide your decision and design for your pool screen enclosure. Bringing these points up with a professional and knowing which factor is most important will ensure you get exactly what you dreamed of. Knowing about the available options will help you when speaking with a professional. 

Patio, Porch & Pool Insect Screens

These screens are made from heavy duty fiberglass. They have an increased diameter strand. It’s thicker strand size makes it stronger than regular fiberglass screens, and gives extra strength on wide spans of screening.

Insect Window Screens 

This is a finer mesh fiberglass screen to protect against tiny insects common in low marshy and coastal areas.

Florida Glass Screens

These screens are also made of heavy duty fiberglass but have plastic laminate to add extra protection against the outdoor elements. Also, these screens are more opaque so there is added privacy. These screens are more expensive but last a long time.

Solar Screens

A popular choice, this fiberglass screen blocks up to 75 percent of the sun’s rays keeping the area cool. It also protects outdoor furniture materials from fading.

Pet Screens

If you have a pet, you’re probably aware of their ability to tear and rip at just about anything. Screens are especially vulnerable to this, so having good quality pet screens will ensure a screen that lasts a long time. Pet screens are usually made of a vinyl coated polyester. They are up to 7 times tougher than regular fiberglass screens and resist tearing and fraying from your pet’s claws. 

The Benefits of Pool Area Screens

1. Reduce Bugs, Small Animals, and Debris

There’s nothing better than the shade from trees and shrubs when the hot sun is beaming down. But contrast this with falling leaves and twigs in your pool and a place of refuge has suddenly become a chore filled liability. A pool screen will ensure a leaf, twig and debris free pool. And don’t forget insects and small animals will have no home here if your pool is properly protected. 

Just remember that a higher quality screen will be more durable when your pet or wild animal tries to claw their way in.

2. Lowered Maintenance

If your pool simply has a fence around it to obey the local legal requirements, there will still be the problem of falling leaves, small animals and bugs getting into your pool and in the area around it, making maintenance a rather onerous reality. Having pool area screens will significantly reduce the amount of time and energy it takes to maintain it, giving you and your family more time to enjoy your pool.

3. They Provide Safety and Security

One of the most important reasons to have pool area screens is for safety reasons. Small children are especially at risk when exposed to non-enclosed swimming pools. It’s a fact that Texas law stipulates many safety standards for public and private pools to avoid accidental drowning of children. Having a pool enclosure will allow you to view your child at all times and keep out neighbouring children. Many enclosures can be integrated with doors that lock. Other security features may be available as well. Ask your security system or pool enclosure contractor for more information. 

4. Screening Provides Sun Protection, and More!

While a dip in your pool can be wonderful at cooling you off, it’s best to keep the water and you at a nice cool temperature by blocking the heat from the sun with an enclosure. Some screens also block UV rays and tinted screens reduce the glare of the sun. Solar screens reduce the wear and tear on your outdoor furniture. 

But besides this, with an enclosure, heavy winds and other inclement weather doesn’t have to cancel your plans for a swim when you’re in the mood.

5. Less Water Evaporation

You’ll save on water – evaporation lowers the level of your pool during summer months. An enclosure slows this down which also cuts down on maintenance.

6. Reduce the Amount of Chemicals Used

Without a protective enclosure, the rays of the sun will continually burn off chlorine. In this case, you’ll need to keep topping up the chlorine. This is expensive and wastes time you could have enjoying your pool. 

7. Extend Your Enjoyment Into the Cooler Months

Having pool area screens is like having an indoor pool with a nice amount of ventilation. There can be no argument that a pool enclosure cools down the area in the summer. However, another big win for pool screens is that in the cooler Spring and Autumn months, they can trap the heat and so extend your pool season. 

8. An Attractive Appearance

Even a modestly priced enclosure can offer many things that a fully outdoor pool cannot. Think of window shades, and hanging plants among other items that fit into an enclosure. On a generous budget you can create a beautiful paradise that you may never want to leave.

9. Added Property Value

Will a pool screen add value to your home? There isn’t one answer to this. While most buyers will love the idea of a pool screen enclosure, others may see maintaining a pool as too much of a chore, even with the enclosure. However, purchasing and installing a custom made pool enclosure that blends in with the exterior style and color of your home will add to its curb appeal. This will likely add to the value of your property. Adding a sunroom, pergola or other type of home extension can also add value to your property. 

10. Increased Privacy

Even if you are best friends with your neighbors, it’s nice to have a little privacy. Many homes are built either very close together or adjoining. Pool area screens will also cut down on any noise you make which will be appreciated by your neighbors. 

11. Even Pets Can Enjoy this Space as Well

With the proper screening you can supervise your pets in the enclosed area. Some enclosures include a grassy area for your dogs and cats. 

12. You May Save Money

If you install proper quality screens, you may be surprised to find that your use of chlorine and other chemicals decreases and water evaporation slows down thus reducing costs.

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