The Appeal of the Pergola

pergolas dallas contractorNothing highlights a garden space or walkway like a pergola covered with vines and flowers.

Pergola is a Latin word to describe a projecting eave. The term is used to refer to an archway in a parklike setting consisting of vertical posts supporting an open roof and framework of cross rafters, usually covered by climbing or trailing plants. They were popular architectural pieces for the outdoors during the Italian Renaissance.

Pergolas have remained popular. They can add class, beauty, and curb appeal to a garden, deck, or patio for minimal expense. They have also proven to be very versatile.

The use of pergolas can separate a deck or patio into distinct areas such as a bar, seating area, dining area, and so on. Some modern pergolas feature curtains, which can block light and close the area off, as well as retractable canopies for blocking sunlight when needed. They can be strung with lights for a dramatic effect when entertaining or during an event, such as a backyard wedding.

The possibilities of the pergola are endless. The architecture of the pergola can be designed to taste, depending on how intricate you wish the design to be — simple and stylish, or sweeping and sophisticated. They can also be used in different hues for a striking visual impact.

Whatever its design, wherever it is located in your outdoor space, the pergola will create a focal point of drama and style.

Let Sunshine Sunrooms help you design the perfect pergola for your home to bring out your landscaping and architecture.

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