Ten Reasons to Hire Sunshine Sunrooms

Are you thinking about adding a sunroom added to your house or having some renovations done?  Here are ten great reasons to call Sunshine Sunrooms for all your construction and renovation needs.

Reliable Professionals.  All work, everything from the initial design through to completion and after-sale service, is performed to the highest standards and has been for the last 25 years.  Like all professionals, our designers and tradespeople pride themselves on the skills that matter – communication, honesty, respect, technical expertise, ethics, determination, persistence, problem solving, and an eagerness to expand their knowledge base and skills.

Design.  Whether you want to add a sunroom to your house, renovate your kitchen or bathroom or any other area of your house, Sunshine Sunrooms has the experts to help you design your space to achieve the very best in beauty, proportion and functionality.  We will take the time to fully understand your needs and the space’s intended use.  We want to hear your ideas and work with you to make your vision a reality.

Flexiblility.  It’s true that Sunshine Sunrooms is your premier builder for sunrooms and exterior structures such as pergolas, carports, patio covers and pool screens but we can help you with so much more.   We will happily design and build whatever your desire runs to, be it a new or updated kitchen or bathroom or other renovations.  And remember that we are the sunroom repair experts.  It doesn’t matter to us who built your sunroom or when; if it needs repair, call us and we’ll be there for you.

Custom Builds.  Prefab structures might be a good idea in commercial settings like offices and warehouses, but we’re talking about your home.  It’s your sanctuary, it’s where you go to relax, spend time with family and friends, and generally recharge your batteries.  You probably don’t want your home to look like a series of afterthoughts.  Let us help you with a custom design that gives you the look and feel you want, naturally and seamlessly integrated.

Quality Materials.  Building materials are not created equal. It’s not unheard of for a contractor to use lower grade materials and use some questionable shortcuts in construction to save a few dollars.  We don’t do that.  We don’t cut corners and we do not use substandard or inappropriate materials because we understand the value of quality materials and workmanship.  We use only those materials that are best suited to your job, those designed for beauty, durability and utility.

Experience.  Sunshine Sunrooms has built more than 5,000 beautiful sunrooms for North Texas homeowners.  We have done countless bathroom and kitchen upgrades and renovations.  There isn’t very much we haven’t seen before and there isn’t any challenge we can’t tackle.  We have a small army of knowledgeable people who are experienced and highly skilled in all aspects of the work from design and planning to final completion and finishing touches.

Customer Service.  Anyone can rattle on about having “great customer service”.  But what does that even mean?  At Sunshine Sunrooms, it means making sure that you know how important you are to us.  It means listening to you, caring about what you want, being friendly, giving you helpful advice, resolving issues with a positive attitude.  It means being respectful of you and your property.  We believe that customer service extends from the initial inquiry stage right through to after completion.  We have a long-term commitment to our customers and this is why so much of our business comes from referrals from our customers.

Reputation.  Did you know that the word “reputation” comes from a Latin word, reputare, which means “think over”.  It’s what people think of you.  Customers routinely describe Sunshine Sunrooms as “great”, “outstanding”, “professional”, “wonderful”.  How did Sunshine Sunrooms earn a reputation for excellence?  By doing what we say we will do, by going above and beyond what is expected, by acting with honesty and integrity.  Find out for yourself why customers refer to Sunshine Sunrooms as their “go-to company” for home design, construction, and repair.

Timing.   Construction and renovation are bound to cause a certain amount of inconvenience.  It’s inevitable, but there are degrees and different durations of inconvenience.   We know that you’re eager to have your house back to yourself and revel in your new sunroom or your new kitchen or your new bathroom.  Sunshine Sunrooms makes the construction period as painless as possible.  We will complete the work on time (which means quickly).  You can be enjoying your new sunroom or renovation in less time than you may think.

We Stand Behind Our Work.  We take pride in completing the work to our customer’s complete satisfaction.   Customer service is an ongoing commitment; it doesn’t end when the job is finished.  Our customers, through their business and their referrals, have helped us build Sunshine Sunrooms and maintaining that relationship is something we value and focus on.


For the very best in sunroom design and construction and all your renovation needs, call Sunshine Sunrooms at (972) 243-5390 today.

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