Sunshine Sunrooms: Your Sunroom Installation and Repair Experts

North Texans know us best for our sunroom installations. For almost 25 years, we have provided homeowners with top quality solarium design/home remodeling services. But did you know that Sunshine Sunrooms also has the expertise to help with many common types of sunroom, and home, repairs?

Sometimes things just happen to your home. A stone, a ball or a particularly bad hailstorm damages or shatters one of your solarium’s windows. We can replace the glass with a minimum of fuss. Or perhaps you discover that your sunroom or home roof has a leak. Our team can quickly locate the source of the leak and determine the best, most cost-effective way of repairing it.

Or let’s say that you’ve put up a DIY solarium or had a contractor install it for you. Then you discover that there are structural problems — including structural separation — and don’t want to take the chance on (1) trying to fix it yourself or (2) contacting the contractor, who in the meantime, has conveniently “disappeared.” We can help you resolve the problem in a way that causes the least amount of damage to your pocketbook.

Maybe you’re embarking on a major home repair project. You finally want to deal with leveling out uneven floors or cracks that have appeared in the ceiling. Or maybe you want to tackle structural separation issues you’ve discovered between the foundation wall and the sill plate of the aboveground structure. Our experts have years of contracting experience and can help you determine the best ways to handle major repairs.

And now that we’re moving into yet another hot Texas summer, what if you find that your home’s AC is malfunctioning? We can check/repair both the unit and, if necessary, any electrical connections that may be involved. And if you find that humidity and heat have caused the areas of your home siding to rot, the Sunshine Sunrooms team can fix exterior problems as well.

We have a demonstrated track record of excellence, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. So in addition to being versatile, we’re also a known quantity you can rely on. For solarium installation and so much more, think Sunshine Sunrooms!

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