Sunrooms and Your Health

Sunroom in Fort WorthChances are you’ve heard sunrooms referred to as solariums, sun parlors or Florida rooms. Ultimately, these terms all refer to the same thing, a personalized space that’s as beautiful and useful as it is conducive to your good health.

A workout center

Let’s say you enjoy going to the gym. A solarium is a perfect place to set up your own workout center that could include a treadmill, stationary bike and/or free weights. Otherwise, you can always clear out space where you can practice your dance exercise moves or do yoga or pilates.

Spiritual wellness too

And that’s not all. Health is as much mental as it is physical, so you can also use your room as a meditation center. What better place to start your day or relax anytime than in a beautiful, climate-controlled room that looks out over a garden or lawn area? It’s your own personal haven that can provide a wonderful antidote to stress and tension.

Sunlight is healthy

The fact that sunrooms — which typically have three glassed-in or screened sides — are designed to let in the maximum of natural light is itself very healthy. Scientific studies have shown that sunlight contributes significantly to feelings of contentment and well-being.

What’s even better is that you can accomplish all of these health goals all in one place and at the same time. So while you’re getting your cardio workout for the day on your stationary bike, you can also get a healthy dose of sunlight to brighten your mood. And you never have to sacrifice your comfort.

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