Sunroom Maintenance Tips

Sunroom Maintenance Tips - Woman Doing Roof Maintenance

An affordable alternative to traditional room additions, a sunroom gives you all the benefits of extra living space and allows you to enjoy the outdoors year-round. Proper sunroom maintenance is necessary to keep the area in good condition and help reduce the utility costs.

Plan the Maintenance

Keeping your sunroom in good shape starts with a maintenance plan that you can easily stick to. Start by choosing a convenient day and time for cleaning the glass ceiling, windows, and sunroom frames. A warm day will help to speed the drying time, but some cleaners specifically say not to use them in direct sunlight.  If you are unsure of which cleaners to use on the surfaces in your sunroom, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations, as there may be unique cleaning requirements. 

Tree Trimming

As a part of regular sunroom maintenance, any trees surrounding the sunroom should be trimmed. Overgrown or improperly maintained trees can cause scratches on windows and glass roofs, and broken branches, sap, leaves, and needles can become lodged in the gutters. Bird droppings and pollen stains are also common when tree branches are overgrown. Smaller branches that are within reach can be trimmed by the homeowner, but larger or more complex tree trimming tasks are better left to the professionals. 

Lubrication and Gutter Cleaning

The doors and windows in your sunroom have hardware like handles, hinges, and locks that require regular lubrication to function properly. Consult the manufacturer documentation for a list of safe lubricants to keep these parts in working order.

The sunroom gutters must be cleaned frequently to remove the debris and avoid overflow or clogs in the downpipes, which could lead to water damage to the sunroom.  

Glass Maintenance

Your sunroom’s glass is an important component of the space, so extra care should be taken to properly maintain windows, doors, and the glass roof. When cleaning the interior windows, you can use a glass cleaner but you should avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the glass. Using a specially formulated glass cleaner is a perfect way to avoid condensation. 

Dirt tends to accumulate faster on exterior windows. Use a garden hose to eliminate excess dirt and debris on outside window surfaces. Start by spraying a foam glass cleaner on outside windows and allow it to penetrate layers of dirt before rinsing with water. Some sunrooms have fiberglass doors.  Fiberglass is very durable but can scratch more easily than glass, so avoid harsh detergents and chemicals. 

Caution should be exercised during the inspection and cleaning of a glass roof to avoid scratching the glass. To clean, use an extension handle attached to a brush. When removing the dirt, gently spray the roof with a garden hose so no damage will occur. Never walk on the glass or lean a ladder against the gutters or the windows to avoid damage to the sunroom and/or personal injury. Secure padding to the ladder if it must lean against the frame.  

Call the Pros

For over 25 years, Sunshine Sunrooms has helped homeowners design, build, and maintain sunrooms and the company has also earned an impressive reputation for its kitchen and bath renovations. 

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