Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom Renovation

Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom Renovation

Whether you have decided to fully remodel or partially renovate your master bathroom, there are several options for creating a spa-like atmosphere. Whatever your budget, there are plenty of options to help create a spa-inspired bathroom. 

Your bathroom must work well for your individual needs and the home’s architecture and design. It can function as an oasis of calm, renewal, and delight. The practical uses of bathing and grooming and the mental health benefits of relaxation should go hand-in-hand. A well-planned remodel, or renovation will guarantee good performance. 

Declutter by Having Enough Storage

Proper storage is an essential part of your checklist when planning a remodel or renovation. Clutter tends to heighten stress, and this will make it difficult to relax. Planning for attractive, adequate storage will create a clutter-free zone that will enhance the spa-like experience.

  1. Consider custom cabinetry – drawer-style vanities or wall storage units
  2. Keep essentials in easy-reach locations
  3. Floating shelving for towels with wicker baskets to hold soaps, lotions, etc.
  4. Drawer organizers to keep things tidy and easily found
  5. Consider a storage closet – close to or in the bathroom – add organizers and shelving
  6. Try organizing items on aesthetic accessories like glass trays and jars for smaller bathrooms with limited storage space. 

Upgrade the Lighting

If your bathroom has natural light from large windows or skylights, this can be ideal for relaxation and health benefits. But even if you don’t have this feature, you can simulate natural light using up-to-date electrical fixtures. Pot lights and dimmers create a lovely spa experience. It also offers a more streamlined experience which is vital to create the proper atmosphere. Also, consider lighting that can change color. You can alter the lighting based on your mood or function. For example, bright white lighting for shaving and grooming at the bathroom sink. Soft pink or golden light when relaxing in the bath. There are also options to use innovative technology to control lighting using your phone or a voice assistant. 

Add a Second Vanity

If you are doing a remodel, you may want to think about adding that second vanity. Having your own sink in a master bathroom just makes so much sense. Being able to store your items, having adequate countertops, and not having to wait for the other person to finish using the one sink may be a luxury. Still, it’s also a rather practical idea. It may also lower your stress levels if you are busy morning people with similar schedules.

Pay Attention to Color Choices – Choose Relaxing Colors

  • Choosing soft, muted colors for your bathroom will create a quiet, tranquil feeling. Earthy or neutral tones are popular as they suggest the natural world. 
  • Try pairing neutral colors with colors like sky blues and quiet greens to suggest nature. 
  • White, beige, or light grey walls produce a perfect backdrop for slightly brighter pops of color.
  • Avoid bright or high contrasting colors which will stimulate rather than calm. 

Upgrade Your Bathtub and Shower

If your bathroom and budget are both large enough, consider installing a freestanding bathtub. These tubs are aesthetically beautiful and offer a truly luxurious experience. They are available in various styles and colors to fit your personal preferences and décor.

Installing a steam shower can be a refreshing and healthful way to start the day. But if this option is unavailable, installing a rain shower head can mimic a complete steam shower. These showerheads are technologically advanced and have much more comprehensive coverage than ordinary ones. 

If you have or are upgrading to a walk-in shower, features such as custom tile work, built-in shelving, and seating are a great way to modernize and add comfort to your bathroom. 

If you do not already have a glass door to your shower, consider investing in one. Unlike shower curtains, they are easy to clean and are aesthetically pleasing.

Heated Flooring

Nothing like a radiant, heated floor that gives you that cozy feeling, especially when the weather has turned chilly. There are options to choose from that will conform to your budget. Yet, a simple and inexpensive way to make your bathroom feel more like a spa is to have a heated bath mat using a heated towel bar. 

Use Natural and Classic Materials

When choosing materials for your bathroom, a simple choice is the one that makes you feel calm and relaxed when you look at it. Think of subtle patterns rather than dark or dramatic ones. 

  • Consider opting for large floor tiles. Small tiles can make a room look smaller and even a bit cramped.
  • Marble, stone, and quartz have subtle patterns, suitable for countertops in a spa bathroom, and will support styles from traditional to contemporary.
  • Think rustic wood for  (e.g.) floating shelving or a stool.
  • Add green plants to the open shelving. 
  • Add simple, unobtrusive fixtures (think faucets, knobs, and drawer pulls) to create a sense of calm. 

Don’t Forget the Little Details

The next set of items are accents to add to your master bathroom to help complete the spa-like atmosphere.

  • Choose plush, luxurious towels. Try Egyptian or Pima cotton. These are soft, absorbent, and last longer than ordinary cotton blend towels. You can create a stack of rolled towels to mimic a spa. 
  • Add a heated towel rack for towels for that nice cozy feeling after a bath or shower.
  • Try purchasing bath products that will blend with your color scheme, or transfer them into pretty bottles of your choosing.
  • Incorporate calming scents. Choose essential oils for the bath and for diffusing into the room. Choose calming fragrances such as lavender, rosemary, and vanilla, or fresh scents like lemon, grapefruit, or mandarin.
  • Add a small chair or settee if your square footage allows. You’d be surprised how inviting and cozy this will make your spa bathroom feel.  Make sure the fabric is of an indoor/outdoor type. 

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