Six Important Benefits of a Bathroom Renovation or Remodel

Six Important Benefits of a Bathroom Renovation or Remodel

If you have decided to renovate or remodel your bathroom, you’ve made a wise choice. Upgrading your living space is exciting and can bring more comfort. Additionally, bathroom renovations are highly valued by potential home buyers. There are many benefits to a well-done bathroom renovation or remodel.

What’s the difference between renovation and remodeling?

  • Renovation involves upgrading features, such as repairs or refacing cupboard doors and installing new finishes and fixtures. The original design is not dramatically changed. 
  • Remodeling changes the structure or even the purpose of the room. A bedroom could become a bathroom or vice versa. There will be a complete change of design, layout, structure or style. 
  • Remodeling improves home design and layout. The renovation enhances curb appeal if you want to sell your home.
  • Renovation usually results in a better return on investment.
  • Remodeling is often costlier than renovation.


1. It Adds Monetary Value to Your Home

It’s a known fact that renovating your bathroom will positively impact selling your home. It’s likely to sell faster and at a higher price. Potential buyers will offer less than the asking price if you are showing an outdated bathroom. They will likely see this as a liability and either not bid at all or demand a price reduction. And for those older homes with only one bathroom, adding a second bathroom – for instance, a powder room- will increase the property value.

2. Energy Efficiency is Enhanced

In case you are wondering, showers and toilets are the most significant water guzzlers, using up about half of the water used daily in your home.

These days a lot of attention is being put on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products. You will find many of these products on the market aren’t costly. For instance, there are low-flow fixtures, toilets, and shower heads. Energy-efficient LED lighting can also help you to save on your monthly energy bills.

3. Taking Your 20th Century Bathroom into the 21st Century Will Add Beauty, Innovation, Enjoyment, and Relaxation

Even if your bathroom works just fine, you may feel that something is missing. Maybe it’s just not attractive to you. In that case, what is missing is your personal touch. Should you still redo your bathroom in this case? Definitely! Every room in your home should bring you enjoyment. Along with a sense of personal satisfaction, when you renovate or remodel your bathroom, you have the chance to purchase innovative products that will enhance your bathroom experience. 

Here are some innovative products:

  • Spot-resistant bathroom fixtures (resists fingerprints and water spots)
  • Sophisticated glass bathroom sinks; artisan-designed sinks
  • High-tech showerheads – dozens or even hundreds of adjustable jets
  • Free-standing soaker tubs add beauty– choose from a variety of colors
  • Wallpaper murals – add a dramatic touch to traditional and contemporary designs
  • Add a European touch with a completely tiled wall
  • Heated flooring with radiant heat
  • Cabinetry that looks like furniture pieces give a sophisticated look
  • Heated towel racks
  • ‘Smart’ toilets that clean themselves, with heated seats

4. Improve the Cleanliness of Your Bathroom and Your Health

One of the reasons to renovate your bathroom is to create more space, either by improving the organization of items in the bathroom or extending the room to make it larger. When the bathroom is more open and spacious, this allows you to clean more effectively. But another factor is at play here. Having a spanking brand new beautiful bathroom already motivates you to clean and tidy more often to keep it looking its best.  

An old, tired-looking bathroom may not have the sparkle that a new bathroom has when it is cleaned. It’s easy to skimp on the cleaning when the outcome is not all that exciting. And also, all kinds of bacteria can be harbored in old bathroom fixtures, and who knows what rusted and old pipes might be carrying the water into your bath, shower, and sink. 

Since a bathroom tends to be humid, mold and mildew can build up on your walls and other surfaces. It’s not always easy to detect this. This is especially true in older homes. All these hazards can make you ill over time. So, you get a beautiful new bathroom when you renovate it, and it may also improve your health!

5. Improved safety

Old bathrooms can potentially be a safety hazard. Slipping or tripping over chipped tiles is not uncommon, as is slipping and falling in bathtubs. Couple this with mold and mildew, and you may have a risky situation. Taking care of this can allow you to stay safe in your home now and as you age. 

Items like grab bars, tub cut-outs, and anti-slip flooring can give you peace of mind while reducing the risk of injury. 

6. Improved Functionality

You may have lived in your home a long time but only lately noticed that the layout isn’t quite working for you. Or what if one of your family’s needs has changed? Perhaps, for instance, you need to make a bathroom wheelchair accessible. Maybe an older family member needs a walk-in shower rather than a bathtub? Perhaps you are growing your family and need that extra bathroom, so everyone isn’t clamoring to be the first to use it in the morning. 

In some cases, a complete remodel of your bathroom may be necessary to create improved functionality. It isn’t always enough just too pretty it up for curb appeal. In this case, you’ll find a complete remodel will take away the stress of trying to fit an old bathroom into a new situation. 

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