Screen Room or Sunroom — Which One is Right for You?

Now that living areas are expanding into the great outdoors, it is the perfect time to consider a screen room or sunroom for your leisure time. Screen and sun rooms allow you to enjoy the scenery while avoiding all the things in nature you DON’T want in a living area, like squirrels or pesky insects.

People are choosing to expand into nature for the benefits of sunlight, the sound of the outdoors on a relaxing evening, and the enjoyment of entertaining guests in a space as simple as a patio with a few plants and a grill, or as luxurious as a full living area with furniture, rugs, and a fireplace.

But what will best suit your needs?  Here we will tell you a little about the benefits of both.

Screen Room

 A screen room is a fantastic way to enjoy the nature of your property while swimming, grilling, or just having a few drinks with friends. With a screen room, you can still hear the crickets on summer evenings and feel a fresh breeze on your skin.

A screen room offers protection from the glaring sunlight in daylight hours and deters yard debris from falling or blowing onto the patio furniture. A screen room can be designed to suit the shape and style of your home, while adding a luxurious feel and actual value to your house.


  • Sounds and smells of nature, fresh breezes
  • Keeps out debris
  • Deters insects and other animals
  • Beautiful and adds value to home


Sunrooms are a wonderful way to harness nature to your best advantage. The are basically an extension of the home, with a beautiful view. With a sunroom, you are free to entertain friends with a fine dining area, or just relax and enjoy the nature through the windows.

One benefit of sunrooms is they don’t require hearty, outdoor furniture. You can simply set the room up as a dining area, den or solarium with the furniture you want. Furniture will not be subject to the elements as it would on a patio.  This is also true of a screen room.

Granted, you won’t be exposed to the fresh air or sounds of nature as a screen room, but you also don’t have to hear the neighbor cranking up his weedeater. Like a screen room, sunrooms prevent irritations from insects, strays, or squirrels. Additionally, they have been used for centuries to nurture plant growth by harnessing the power of sunlight through the windows.


  • Views
  • Enjoy nature without the hassle
  • Keeps out background noise
  • Deters insects and animals
  • Protects furniture from elements
  • Harnesses sunlight for plants
  • Adds beauty and value to home

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