Retractable Sunroom Shades: What You Need to Know

What you need to know about Retractable shades

Sunrooms are a great way to enjoy the outdoors practically year-round without being exposed to the elements. 

Sun-filled rooms are delightful, but they can get pretty hot without window treatments or specially-designed sunroom shades, especially during the hot summer months. For homeowners looking to better control the climate in their sunroom, there are a variety of sunroom shade and window treatment options that will improve its look and feel.

What are Retractable Sunroom Shades Used For?

In addition to climate control, there are a lot of reasons that retractable sunshades are ideal for both residential and commercial sunrooms. For both types of sunrooms, lack of privacy can be an issue with a room that is made mostly of windows. Retractable sunroom shades eliminate privacy issues without making the space feel closed in. The light level can be easily adjusted depending on changing lighting needs. 

Another important use of modern sunroom shades is climate control. Not only are sunroom shades made to easily adjust up or down, open or closed, several options are also available that utilize state-of-the-art fabric that also serves to retain heat in the winter months as well as absorb heat during the summertime. Use of fabric sunroom shades allows the homeowner to exercise complete control over the comfort of the space. 

Preservation and protection of furniture and finishes in a sunroom is also a reason to choose a sunroom shade. Woodwork and wood furniture finishes can be damaged after repeated long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Direct sunlight can also fade fabrics, so a retractable sunroom sunshade is essential to protect finishes from damage. 

Different Types of Retractable Shades

Today’s modern sunroom shades are available in a myriad of colors, styles, and offer a host of features that make it easy to choose the perfect shade for your space. Before deciding on a sunroom shade, it’s important to understand the various types available.

The most sought-after and high-tech type of sunroom shade, motorized solarium shades, are often preferred for their ease of operation. Motorized sunroom shades do not use any cords, wands, or pulley systems.  This not only gives them a more streamlined look, but it’s also a safer option for homeowners with small children. The most technologically advanced motorized shades can be connected with smart home systems, allowing you to control the operation from other parts of the house or even from a remote location. Many motorized shades are customizable, meaning they can be set to retract when the temperature reaches a certain point or on a timed interval based on the sunrise or sunset.

A common type of sunroom shade is the cord or pulley style that is ideal for larger sunrooms or those with steep pitches. Cords can be separated to control different areas of the shade or banded together to raise and lower multiple parts at once. 

A less common shade type, spring tension or wand-style sunroom shades are typically used in sunrooms with moderate to steep pitches. Wand solarium shades are an alternative to cord or pulley models.

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