Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets

If you are thinking about revamping your kitchen but are concerned about the cost of a complete renovation, kitchen cabinet resurfacing may be the answer. Also known as refacing, kitchen cabinet resurfacing is exactly what it sounds like: a way to give your existing kitchen cabinetry a completely new look. This is a quick and easy way to transform the look of your kitchen but there are some things to know before choosing this option.

The Planning Process

When embarking on a kitchen cabinet resurfacing project, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure success. Resurfacing kitchen cabinets is not just a simple matter of replacing the doors and the drawer fronts. The exterior of the cabinet including the facing (the part visible behind the door) and the visible end panels will have to be resurfaced to match the doors and drawer fronts. You will need to understand what your options are, suggested color schemes and materials, and how long the process should take. 

You will have several options to give your kitchen cabinets a whole new look. There are different materials that can be used and, in some cases, homeowners opt for painting the cabinets or restaining the existing wood. The doors and faces of cabinets and drawers can also be replaced with unfinished wood that can be stained or painted later. 

The drawers and doors of most modern cabinets come in standard sizes, so the resurfacing process is pretty straightforward. This allows your contractor to easily source new faces for your existing cabinetry and will save money by avoiding custom sizing. Just like cabinet structures, drawers and door fronts are often available in unstained versions, allowing the homeowner to have more creative control in the refacing process.

Create a Resurfacing Budget

Aside from aesthetics, budget is one of the top concerns of homeowners looking to resurface their kitchens cabinets. Cabinet resurfacing projects are generally more cost-effective than removing and replacing cabinets. Deciding on an appropriate budget will involve some research into the extent of the refacing you want and typical rates.

You may be tempted to save money by embarking on a do it yourself kitchen cabinet resurfacing project, but this might turn out to be a bad idea for several reasons. For instance, resurfacing the cabinet facings is a very precise process that involves applying laminate to the existing structure in exactly the right place, and then trimming it to size, something that is not necessarily recommended for inexperienced DIY-ers. 

If you have never resurfaced kitchen cabinets before, the materials waste and the learning curve may quickly wreck your budget. 

Finding Trusted Professionals for Your Cabinet Resurfacing Project

Working with a professional, experienced company is the easiest way to make your cabinet resurfacing dreams come to life. Professional contractors have the know-how to complete your kitchen cabinet resurfacing project on time and within budget so you can focus on enjoying your new kitchen.

Professional contractors will work closely with you to determine the best materials to achieve your designed outcome and will help you plan the surrounding decor if necessary. Always research local contractors to determine the best contractor for your project. 

When interviewing prospective contractors, try to keep your choices narrow so you don’t get overwhelmed with multiple estimates and suggestions for the best way to approach your kitchen resurfacing project. Estimates should generally include the cost for materials and go into detail about the resurfacing project from start to finish. Understanding these upfront costs will help you adhere to your predetermined budget and ensure that your expectations are met.

Once you have chosen a contractor to handle your kitchen cabinet resurfacing project always make sure that the terms you agreed on during your consultation are in the contract. Doing this before work begins gives homeowners the chance to correct any mistakes or ask for clarification on any unclear contract components. The contract should also identify who will be managing the project, the general responsibilities of the contractor, and what to do if any problem arises. 

The Top Cabinet Resurfacing Contractors in Dallas, TX 

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