Planning Your New Sunroom

Drawing Plans for Your New Sunroom

A sunroom is a popular addition to your home that gives you more space and allows you to connect with the outdoors while protecting you from the elements.  Sunrooms can also offer numerous health benefits including greater energy and improved mood.

When it comes to planning your new sunroom design, you have many options to suit your lifestyle and design preferences.  One very attractive feature of a sunroom is that it lets in a lot of natural light.  For a dramatic look that lets more of the outdoors in, consider a picture window sunroom. An all-glass or mostly glass sunroom lets in more sunlight and is great if you intend to decorate with plants or if you prefer abundant natural light. 

If you aren’t sure about all-around windows but still want to let in more natural light, a glass roof or a skylight is another option. Offering a more contemporary look, they allow you to see the stars at night and let in sunlight during the day. 

Lighting is another feature where the options abound.  Ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting should focus mainly on nighttime hours but should also address any daytime needs.

Climate control can be achieved either through extending the home’s existing HVAC system or installing an independent system to heat and cool your sunroom.

When it comes to the shape of your sunroom, you’re not limited to standard square or rectangular designs. A custom-designed sunroom can be practically any shape. Consider an all-glass cathedral style or octagon-shaped sunrooms for a dramatic look. 

Don’t Forget the Landscaping

When designing your new sunroom, you should also think about the surrounding landscaping. Revamping your landscaping combined with the interior sunroom decor can help give a whole new feel to your home.  

When it comes to updating your landscaping, keep the ongoing maintenance in mind. One of the more popular trends in landscaping is container gardens. Instead of a sprawling, labor-intensive garden, container gardens allow you to grow plants and herbs in more manageable containers. Your containers can be placed in your sunroom to shield them from overwatering in the rainy season and decorative pots add to the aesthetic appeal of your sunroom. Alternatively, containers can be placed outdoors to add interest to the existing foliage. 

Another low-maintenance landscaping trend involves using a variety of drought-tolerant plants. These plants are easy to care for and can go long stretches without watering. These plants not only look great but also are perfect for the busy homeowner. Some great drought-proof plants include cacti, jasmine, and ground covers like ivy.

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