Permanent vs. Temporary Patio Covers

If you have a patio, you know just how much charm and functionality it can add to a home. A patio cover can make that space even more delightful by adding shade and protection from the elements, especially during the dog days of a Texas summer.

Patio covers come in two types: permanent or temporary. Each cover type has its own particular set of attractions, and we’ve listed some of the main ones below to help you decide which one is right for you.

Structural differences

Patio covers are structures built from the house out. They usually start below the gutter and extend its length and width over the patio.

A permanent cover usually features posts that support it along the longest edge of the patio area. A temporary patio cover, also known as an awning, can be retracted and held in position by using a temporary brace.

Cover Type Strengths

Permanent patio covers can keep your home up to 20% cooler as the weather heats up. Typically made of vinyl or wood, they are sturdy, weather-resistant and low-maintenance structures that don’t need painting or repairs. When you want to clean them, you can just hose them down.

Temporary covers offer greater versatility. You can retract them to varying degrees depending on whether you want more or less sun protection. Quality covers will typically resist damage, fading and deterioration over time. And if you want to change the color or style of a temporary cover, you can do easily do so.

Other benefits

A permanent patio cover is ideal if you have no plans to alter the structure later on. If, however, you want flexibility, a temporary cover may suit you better, especially if you decide you want to convert your patio into something else down the line.

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