Patio Covers, the Basics

Patio covers are a great addition to outdoor spaces that open up many possibilities for outdoor leisure and entertainment. Whether you want to host a family barbecue or just relax after a long day of work, patio covers can be customized to meet your specific needs. 

In Texas, high temperatures make a patio cover an essential part of outdoor décor that keeps you cool in summer and helps to protect you from lower temperatures in the cooler months. 

If you have considered adding a patio cover to your home, keep reading. 

Patio Covers: The Basics

A patio cover is a visually attractive and functional shade structure that can be free-standing, but which is often constructed as an extension to the home’s exterior.  

Benefits of Patio Covers

Patio covers offer several benefits that make them an attractive option for homeowners. Here are just a few of the advantages: 

  • Spend more time outside: In the summer months spending time outside can be a challenge as temperatures soar and during the cooler months, lower temperatures and wind can make being outdoors uncomfortable. A patio cover allows you to spend more time outside.
  • Creation of a family and entertainment place: Patio covers serve as an extension to your home that provides extra space for family activities and entertainment. 
  • Indoor temperature control: Patio covers can help to keep your home cooler in the hot weather.
  • Adds value to your home: The addition of a patio cover is an investment that can improve the property value. 
  • Low maintenance:  Patio covers are weather-resistant, low-maintenance structures.  Cleaning often involves just hosing them down.

Thinking Outside the Box

There are a number of out-of-the-box patio cover options available including retractable awnings and fixed canopies made from a range of materials, some of which can be installed by the homeowner.  The prefabricated kits do have some limitations, though.  The colors and sizes are in a predetermined range and there is not always a wide selection.  If you have a vision of how you want your patio cover to look and it doesn’t fit any of the available pre-fab designs, you’ll have to compromise.  The quality of the materials can also vary widely.  

For a patio cover that integrates seamlessly with your home and will provide many years of outdoor comfort in an attractive setting, your best bet is a custom patio cover.  A custom patio cover gives you an almost endless choice of size, design, and detail.  

Hiring the right contractor to design and install your patio cover is essential.  You want a contractor with the experience and the expertise to bring your vision to life and complete the work on time and within budget.

Choose Sunshine Sunrooms to Design and Build Your Patio Cover Needs

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