Kitchen Trends for 2023

Kitchen Trends for 2023

No matter what size or layout of kitchen you have, or what budget you may have to restyle it, most people want a combination of efficiency, warmth, and style. 

So far, designers are predicting that the 2023 kitchen will become less of a single-use space to only prepare food. Instead, many homeowners will look to incorporate visually interesting art, antiques, and other refined materials. As such, kitchens will become a more natural extension of the rest of the home.

1. Color in the Kitchen

Everything from Matte Black to Olive Green and In-Between…

Black Cabinet Kitchen

No matter what year we are talking about, a fresh coat of color can change not only the look but the feel of a kitchen. Suddenly a bland space becomes a fresh, energized, and inspiring place.

Black for the Kitchen?

There can be little argument that black is a sophisticated color. And stylish too. However, black kitchens may seem like an overly daring, unwise choice. But if done well, the impact of black can create one of the most dramatic and interesting choices ever. 

In past years black was used more conservatively. Now, it’s more layer on layer of different black tints in larger areas of the kitchen. 

But if the idea of so much black does not appeal, black can still make a dramatic look by pairing it with a contrasting color. A lovely neutral atmosphere can be created for instance, when black is mixed with wood tones or a beautiful olive hue.

Olive Hues Make a Big Impact

Neutral greens can add a lovely earthy tone to a kitchen. Nature lovers will feel especially at home with this shade of green which can also add a warm tone. This color can pair equally well with white, black or grey.

Olive Green Kitchen

Try a Mellow Shade of Yellow

Yellow is making a comeback in 2023. And why not? This happy, sunny color augurs in a new era of optimism. But yellow isn’t a one note color. It can take on many different shades from the subtlest tint to a dark mustard shade.

Yellow Kitchen

But, if you still like neutral shades, a mellow or neutral yellow is growing in popularity. Because it has a creamy tone to it, it will pair with a whole list of other colors. 

Color is in! Not just for walls, but for cabinets, backsplashes, light fixtures, and even appliances.

2. Texture Is the Thing

Multi materials in kitchens are gaining popularity. Contrast is a big thing so count on seeing more two tone wood kitchens. 

Wood Kitchen

But it isn’t just colour contrast that is making its debut. Think multi materials. Move over wood, quartz, marble and granite and make room to share the spotlight. 

Look for multiple steel finishes (brushed, matte and mirrored) for kitchen cabinets, terrazzo for flooring, backsplashes and counters, and porcelain for countertops. The addition of more than one option will result in a texturally interesting and visually pleasing experience.

3. The Backsplash is Front and Center

Want your kitchen to have a more seamless and smooth transition from one area to the next?

Matching Backsplash and Countertop

Take your stone, marble or porcelain countertop and continue it on up into your backsplash. The matching backsplash is made from material that will look identical to your countertop but you won’t break the bank doing this. This is becoming a popular trend with homeowners. 

Kitchen Counter Backsplash

Glass Adds Class

Adding a glass backsplash is sure to turn heads. They can and will add a lovely and sophisticated visual effect. Choose from many unique colors either opaque or translucent. They are available in modern, classic or abstract styles.

Add Texture to Your Tiles

Want to add dimension to your backsplash? Try textured tiles. Adding in a mix of colors and patterns will add extra interest. Some examples are acid wash textures, etched stone, brick tiles, and stacked stone (stacked unevenly to create added texture), just to name a few.

Textured Kitchen Counter Backsplash

Mixed Materials

Adding on to adding texture, mixing different texture types and colors is also a popular choice for 2023. Since these allow homeowners to create individual looks, you’ll have a completely unique feature in your kitchen. 

Here are a few example of mixing materials: Try mixing both metal and stone or marble and glass.  Or you may try having large neutrally colored tiles on the top half of your backsplash and smaller, more colorful patterned tiles for the bottom half.

4. Lighting

Kitchen trends for the last several years have been toward lighter, brighter spaces. This is especially true for 2023. But don’t worry if you don’t have huge windows to bring natural light into your kitchen. You will be able to maximize your lighting with a little help from lighting fixtures that are popular for 2023!

Many homeowners are looking to add lighting as a focal point in a room, and seek to add lovely sculptural lights. In this way, lighting can help to tie the kitchen to other rooms in the home. Nature inspired designs most likely will be a popular trend for years to come. Sculptural lighting that mimics natural settings will help create a calm and inviting kitchen.

LED Kitchen Lighting

While often a more practical choice, LED lights have been around for a while but are still very popular for 2023. Due to the large variety of colors, shapes and styles they may still appeal to the design conscious homeowner. 

They are ideal if you’re looking for lights that last a long time, are energy efficient, and give off minimal heat. They also contain less chemicals. 

Different types include LED strip lights, spotlights, downlights, flush mount lights, and tube lights. Because it is so versatile, LED lights can be used for indirect lighting, under cabinet lighting, specific task lighting, or for more general lighting.

Kitchen LED Lighting

Floor Kitchen Lamps

We don’t often think of floor lamps in kitchens. But since they don’t need installing, they are easy to add to any room. Adding an attractive floor lamp to a kitchen might be a way to add a little unique flavor to your kitchen. A Torchieres floor lamp is a taller lamp that directs light upwards while regular floor lamps send light downwards in a more diffuse manner. 

Other popular trends in lighting include:

  • Statement pendant lighting in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures 
  • Mix and match gold, brass and other light fixture finishes
  • Chandeliers in every shape, style, size and material

Mix Your Lighting Types

It seems that 2023 really is a no-holds bar year for kitchen design and lighting is no exception. Many designers are in agreement that mixing and matching different types of lighting is a great idea when done with panache. Try mixing floor lamps with countertop lamps. 

If you have a large kitchen you can use pendant lights, sconces, recessed lights and a chandelier. All this will add dimension and style as long as it is done with some design knowledge. 

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