Is Your Sunroom’s Temperature Comfortable Year-Round?

Is Your Sunroom's Temperature Comfortable Year-Round

A sunroom is a great addition to any modern home and many people love to use their all-season sunrooms year-round. In both spring and summer months as well as cooler fall and winter months, maintaining a comfortable temperature in a sunroom will not only make the space more enjoyable, but it can also have a big impact on your energy costs. 

Temperature Control Challenges in Sunrooms

What contributes to inconsistent temperatures in sunrooms? Windows are typically the main culprit and an experienced contractor will usually direct troubleshooting efforts at the existing windows. If you have an older sunroom, it may be that the windows are not nearly as energy-efficient as newer ones. The pane glass may be too thin to adequately maintain the interior temperature. Additionally, window frames tend to develop cracks and leaks over time, which allows inside air to easily escape and skyrockets your energy costs. 

Insulation serves as an added layer of protection against radiant heat loss or gain.  Having an adequate amount of insulation is key and roof ventilation is equally important.

 Maximizing Energy Efficiency

For new sunroom installations, you are at an advantage because a skilled sunroom installation company can assist you with planning an energy-efficient space from the outset including Energy Star qualified windows that are specially designed to maximize energy-efficiency. 

Additional options for new sunroom additions include retractable sunshades that offer even more flexibility. 

If you have an existing sunroom, there are some steps you can take to maximize energy efficiency and improve the comfort in the sunroom. While you can definitely replace the windows in your sunroom, this can be a costly endeavor. Before deciding on window replacement, try the following tips to maximize comfort in the existing structure: 

  • Seal any leaks: Add weatherstripping or caulk around the window and door frames in your sunroom to reduce air leakage.
  • Apply tint film to your windows: Adding tint to your sunroom’s windows will allow you to still enjoy the outdoors while reducing the intensity of the sun’s rays. The tint will also help your sunroom furniture and décor last longer since will not fade as quickly.
  • Invest in window coverings: Home weatherization kits are a great way to maximize energy efficiency in existing structures. Generally, weatherization kits are intended for use during the cold months, so be sure to install them before the cold weather arrives and remove them before spring.
  • Consider adding a fan: Installing a ceiling fan in your sunroom will help circulate air and make the space more comfortable, both during hot and cold months. 
  • Add insulation to your sunroom if its present level is insufficient.  The spaces below the floor and above the ceiling should be insulated as well as the walls.  A qualified sunroom contractor can help you determine what type and how much insulation you should have.
  • In summer, adding a fixed or retractable awning could reduce the heat buildup from direct sunlight.

Get Help with Your Sunroom 

Using your sunroom year-round should be comfortable, regardless of its age.  Knowledgeable sunroom specialists can help you determine the climate control needs in your sunroom and make the appropriate recommendations based on your preferences and budget. 

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