Is a Sunroom a Good Investment for Homeowners?

Sunroom in Fort WorthAlmost everyone can agree that a custom-designed sunroom does wonders for the appearance of a home. But is a sunroom a good investment?

The short answer is a resounding “yes.”

While homeowners always risk the possibility of running into unexpected design problems, excess work and delays, and surprise expenses, there are a lot of payoffs in having a sunroom.

A sunroom creates a versatile living space for entertaining, dining, or just relaxing with a book in your off-time. Sunroom additions offer a transition between the in- and outdoors, especially paired with a patio, pool, or deck area. These room additions are versatile enough to flow into the design of your home, and they can even be used as a spare room, office, or family room at a small fraction of the cost in time and money of a traditional room addition. They also make a great space for indoor gardening during the winter, since sunrooms are designed to capture sunlight for practical purposes such as growing plants and adding warmth in cold weather.

Sunrooms offer all the benefits of enjoying the view of the outdoors without the bother of insects, foul weather, or background noise.

Additionally, a sunroom addition adds monetary value to a home by increasing the square footage of living space and adding to its property value. An addition with modern features, such as updated windows and doors, contemporary panelling, and even a wet or dry bar will offer the best return on investment.

Another fact is that a sunroom addition will add curb appeal if you plan on reselling your home. The National Association of Realtors suggests that the addition of a sunroom can make a house stand out on the market, and such a feature is especially preferred by buyers in the Midwest and Northeast.

So a sunroom is a great investment!

If you have any questions on transforming your home with the addition of a custom sunroom, we are happy to help. Feel free to take a look at some of our projects and the testimonials of our satisfied clients.

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