How to Maximize the Space in Your Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Interior Decorating

A small bathroom doesn’t have to feel cramped and crowded. You can transform your bathroom into a cozy and welcoming space. Renovating your bathroom, or redecorating, may be a hobby, or it may be needed to improve your home’s value. Here are some tips to enhance the space in a small bathroom. 

Combine Form and Function

In a small bathroom, having good functionality would seem to be at the top of the list for most homeowners. But there is really no need to reject beautiful design over function. You really can have it all in a small setting. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Showcase a few beautiful items
  2. Use space saving fixtures 
  3. Hide away the clutter in a closet or baskets
  4. Use floating shelves to organize towels, accessories, and make up
  5. Choose light, neutral colors or one color (avoid many colors)
  6. Use recessed lighting

Avoid Clutter

This seems obvious, right? But with our busy lifestyles, it isn’t always easy to achieve. In any space, we want to eliminate clutter whenever possible, but in a small space this is essential. 

  1. Organize and throw out any expired products. Pare down what you do store in the bathroom. Do you really need several different brands of the same product? Make it a point to use up the toiletries you already have before buying more.
  2. Find a home for every item – out of site usually- frequently used items should be stored in a convenient spot. Store large bulk items like toilet paper, and tissues in a linen closet.
  3. Since you’re already eliminating clutter, you’ll have room to showcase your higher end toiletries. Try displaying your plush, luxury towels and fine soaps on decorative glass trays.
  4. Keep a schedule (and stick to it) to clean, and declutter items that you no longer need or that have expired.

Small Bathroom Shelving Ladder

Ideas for Space Saving Fixtures in Bathrooms

1. Wall Mounted Sinks

Having a cabinet under your sink does afford you some storage space but it also takes up floor space. For a lighter, smart, more polished look, consider replacing the whole unit with a wall-mounted sink. These slim and small sinks take up less wall space as well. Add a floating shelf above the sink to store items you use everyday. 

For very small bathrooms, try mounting a small vanity to a corner wall if the design of your bathroom permits. This will take up a minimum of space, and will be quite unobtrusive.

Glass Shower In Small Bathroom

2. Consider Replacing Your Bathtub

If you generally like to shower rather than bathe, consider switching up your bathtub for a space saving shower instead. Adding clear glass doors on showers also gives the impression of more floor space – it makes the shower an extension of the rest of the bathroom. 

3. Invest in Small Fixtures

Did you know there are fixtures that are specially made for tiny bathrooms or powder rooms? For example:

  • Tiny corner sinks
  • Compact toilets, usually in one piece
  • Super slim linen closets

Small Toilet for Small Bathroom

Get Creative with Lighting

There are three types of lighting necessary for a well-functioning bathroom, no matter what the size. 

Ambient lighting: this would be your main source of general lighting and is often the overhead lighting, such as chandeliers, recessed lights, track lights and other overhead and wall mounted light fixtures. This lighting can often be adjusted to create different moods.

Accent lighting: this lighting highlights specific items like art objects.

Task lighting: this is important for daily tasks, like shaving or applying makeup and is often installed around the vanity/sink area. 

Here are some examples of lighting that suit small bathrooms:

  • Recessed lights: these lights are ideal for small bathrooms as they come in many sizes and take up no space. These lights are concealed in the ceiling and have a modern look that goes with any décor and can even be utilized in the bath and shower areas. 
  • Track lighting:  this provides overhead lighting as well. You can brighten or dim lighting by using a dimmer. Since the bulbs can be directed in certain areas, they can also act as spotlights.
  • Lighted Mirror and Medicine Cabinets: A lit mirror or medicine cabinet is a great way to save space while being a great source of task lighting. Usually, these come as sets with built in LED lights.
  • Under Cabinet Lighting: Under cabinet lights or simple tape lights can be installed under shelves, cabinets, or countertops. This is an easy way to provide extra light to your counters. An added bonus is that your bathroom will look larger.
  • Vertical Wall Sconces: Vertical wall sconces are an attractive, modern approach to lighting, take up minimum space and are generally used over your sink and vanity. If positioned by a mirror they are great for casting an even light across the face.  

Use Open Shelving with Bins and Baskets

In a small bathroom open shelving can eliminate the need for large storage furniture. Shelves can be placed on any wall and over the toilet. Here you can showcase your colorful plush towels, plants and candles. 

Since these shelves are open, it’s important to keep items tidy. For items that you’d rather store away, try using bins and baskets. This way, your frequently used items are easily in reach and put away to minimize clutter. These days, bins and baskets come in a plethora of colors and styles to match any bathroom décor.

What Type of Flooring for a Small Bathroom?

In a small bathroom, it would seem that small tiles would be best. However, large tiles can actually make your small bathroom look larger. There are fewer grout lines, making the floor seem less cluttered. Large tiles, having less grout, make cleaning and maintenance a bit easier as well. 

Keep Colors Light and Airy

Want to feel calm and relaxed in your bathroom? Choose neutral tones to create a pleasant atmosphere. White is a good choice, as it enhances lighting and people associate white with cleanliness. Choose accent colors around your bathroom accessories and items like plants, towels and small decorations. If you like bright, bold colors you can definitely make it work in a small space. Using one color as opposed to several bright colors would probably work best. 

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