How to Decorate a Small Sunroom

How to Decorate a Small Sunroom

If you have a small or even tiny sunroom, you may be wondering how to use it to its potential. Learn how to bring out its best qualities so you can make it appear a little more spacious while maximizing its coziness. Here are a few tips to brighten up your sunroom space so you can spend quality time there. 

Even a small sunroom already has a big plus going for it, lots of windows. This already gives a little room a spaciousness, now you just need to help that along.

Clear Out the Clutter and Tidy Up

Too much stuff in a small room can give a claustrophobic feeling. If you are using the room for relaxation, clutter can be one factor opposing that purpose. It’s the same for productivity. If you use your sunroom to work in, clutter can interfere with clarity of thinking. 

Using a few baskets, decorative storage containers, and organizers for small items can help manage the clutter. Decide what you want to keep in the sunroom and what you can place in other rooms. Try putting all the small knick knacks you want to keep in baskets for now so that you are mostly just looking at the furniture in the room. If this is a brand new sunroom then you can start it as a blank slate. 

Keep the Entrance Unblocked

Keep furniture and accessories away from entrances so that they won’t block the view of the room. Since a small room can so easily look cramped you don’t want your first impression to be too cramped to relax in. Keep walkways (which in a small room may include the middle of the room) clear.  If you can see the floor for the most part, it will help to make the room look larger.

Furniture Big or Small Can Both Work

Choosing furniture for a small sunroom can be a delicate balance. 

Smaller sized furniture that is made for apartments is very accessible these days and can work very well to the scale of a small sunroom. However, on the other hand, a bunch of small pieces can have a cluttered look. Choosing to get fewer but slightly bigger pieces of furniture and accessories can give a room a focal point and make it look more spacious and calm while giving the room more open space. 

It’s best to look for light colors and lightweight furniture. You don’t want to weigh down the look of your small space with clunky, heavily upholstered and oversized furniture. 

Furniture Tips:

  • Angle your furniture. For instance, easy chairs can be at different angles to the room. This creates visual interest and adds the illusion of more space.
  • Tapered legs on your chairs and sofas can lighten up your space and make the eye look up.
  • Rattan or wicker furniture can create the feel of more space. 

Add Space Saving and Multifunctional Furniture

You can optimize the use of space with built-in seating around windows. Some of these benches have storage underneath or shelving for books. Add seat cushions and colorful large pillows. Add a few knitted throws for a cozy, relaxed feel. Have sconces above the window seating for reading at night. 

Other multifunctional furniture:

  • Coffee table with storage.
  • Coffee table that converts to dining table.
  • A sleeper chair.
  • Stools and ottomans with storage space.
  • Console that doubles as a workspace.

Add Texture to Add Interest 

Whether your sunroom is large or small, it’s fun to add color and texture.

  • Add a plush colorful throw or pillows to an easy chair.
  • Use mixed materials such as wool, silk and linen.
  • Rugs made of natural materials add instant texture to a room.
  • Window treatments made with natural fibres such as linen also add instant texture.
  • Think of how you can add different textures such as rough, soft, shiny, hard, matte, and smooth items. Think paintings, sculptures, vases etc.

Ideas for Color Choices

Small rooms generally profit from light colors, as rooms tend to look larger. But bright colors can also be very attractive and make a statement in a small room. Most sources agree that dark shades and colors should be used sparingly.  Used as accents, dark colors can exude a lovely dramatic look. 

In a small room use tints and shades of the same color on your walls and furniture. Your furniture will tend to blend into the space more, making the room appear larger. Cooler colors and delicate light warm colors will give your room a more open appearance.

Wall Colors

  • Light blue and green ushers in relaxation for beach style sunrooms.
  • White works well with colorful furniture and accessories.
  • Light Greys and Beige works with most styles and is generally a popular choice.
  • Bright colors like bright pinks and oranges eclectic style, adds punch. 

Window Coverings 

Window coverings are important in a sunroom to protect your floors and furniture when the sun is at its most potent. For a small sunroom, choosing sheer curtains or blinds that block uv rays will keep your sunroom looking larger. If your walls are a light or neutral color you may be able to match colors for a more seamless look.


Wood Flooring: Wider planked floors tend to make your room look larger. Lighter colored boards also will give a sense of lightness, openness. Also, any fading due to the sun, will be less noticeable than if a dark wood flooring is chosen. 

Stone and tile floors: These are lovely for sunrooms and are a practical choice as they are easy to maintain. Again, larger is better, so bigger tiles will contribute to the perceived size of the room. 

It’s a good idea to try to match the color of the grout with the color of the tile and to choose light colors for your tiles.


Small rugs in a small room will have the tendency to make the room look cut up and therefore smaller. A rug-less room often looks more spacious especially if the flooring is done in light colors. 

If you want a rug for a cozy feeling, a large rug (which fits your space) is your best bet.  Choose one with a light color as this will make your space look larger. The rug should basically be large enough so that most of the furniture sits on the carpet. If you choose a patterned rug, it may be best to choose rather subtle patterns with colors in similar muted shadings. 

However you choose to decorate a small sunroom, it will certainly add to your creativity and satisfaction. 

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