How to Create a Relaxed and Cozy Sunroom During the Holidays

How to Create a Relaxed and Cozy Sunroom During the Holidays

Is your sunroom a bit lacking when it comes to comfort and coziness?  Do you look at photos online for hints about how to use décor to create the “perfect” vibe but still can’t decide? 

What creates a relaxing atmosphere in your sunroom? Well, individual tastes vary of course, but here are some ideas that most everyone can apply to enhance a warm, welcoming and cozy space during the holidays. 

Make it Cozy but Not Cramped

The way to relaxation is in moderation. Too much “stuff” and an excess amount of furniture can  become a bit stifling. Only you can decide what is the right amount of items to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.  As a general rule though:

  • keep areas like your windows free of items that would block the sunshine. You want to be able to see the outdoors uncluttered for that relaxing effect. 
  • Put away toys, books, papers and other items when not in use. 
  • Keep entrances and exits clear to create a more expansive feeling to the room.
  • Disguise exposed cords. You can purchase cord covers and paint them the same color as your walls.
  • Stick to a limited palette. This is especially helpful in a small space. You’ll have a more serene and uncluttered feel if you choose colors that gently complement each other. 
  • Choosing different shades and tones of the same color also has a harmonious effect. 
  • Accessorize with pops of brighter colors to create a fun atmosphere.

Color Choices and Natural Light

The orientation of your sunroom – east, west, north or south – will have an effect on the amount of natural light that it will receive. This is something to think with in terms of the amount of light entering the room. Of course you should always pick colors you love. 

South facing rooms

  • These have the most sunlight.
  • Cool shades can balance the intensity of the light, such as blue, green and violet.
  • Greys and whites with cool undertones can work as well. 

North-facing rooms

  • These generally get the least amount of sunlight.
  • Warmer shades will balance the lack of light and warm up the space.
  • Try shades of pink, gold, taupe and yellow.
  • For a more subtle warmth, try white or grey with warm undertones. 

East and west-facing rooms

  • East facing rooms have the most light in the morning.
  • West facing rooms have the most light in late afternoon.

If your use of the east or west facing sunroom is mostly when the light is low there are options to bring in more light:

  • Try using artificial light.
  • Warm LED lights work well with any colors.
  • Try using warmer colors such as pink, gold taupe and yellow.

If your use of the sunroom is mostly when the light is high: 

  • Cooler colors such as blue, green and violet (or colors that contain undertones of these colors)  will temper the intensity of the sun.

Use Natural Materials

Natural materials for furniture like wicker and rattan offer durability and are offered in a variety of colors, and also in several wood tones,  making it easy to customize for any décor. This type of furniture offers coziness and is not overly formal, offering that indoor/outdoor feel, but without the need for waterproof covers. 

Farmhouse style furnishings are encouraged as well with their distressed wood and metals. They are full of detail which is brought out by sunshine. Because of its laid back nature, you’ll also feel relaxed.

Cotton/polyester blends for upholstery is also a good choice since they are very durable and don’t degrade under humid conditions.

Whatever type of furniture you choose, make sure you provide enough comfortable seating for the whole family: for instance, if your sunroom is large enough:  a place for reading, eating and just plain relaxing. 

Take a Mini Vacation With a Hammock or a Lounge Chair

Hammock in a Sunroom

Imagine gently swinging in a hammock while relaxing or taking a snooze. Or, adding a lounge chair, while listening to music or reading while the sun shines! What could be more relaxing?

Add Plants to Add Stress Relief

What a perfect room to add plants. With the inclusion of multiple windows, plants that need lots of sunshine will flourish in a sunroom. There are so many reasons for the inclusion of plants. Here are just a few.

  • They help filter the air and also absorb moisture
  • This can improve the air quality and reduce allergens
  • They reduce stress
  • They beautify your space

Read here for more information on how to take care of plants and some of the best plants for your sunroom.

Create an Eating Area

eating in a sunroom

Food is one of the nicest pleasures in the world! Having a place to eat surrounded by nature is an unqualified delight. 

Even if your sunroom is small, it’s likely large enough for a small table and a couple of chairs. How about a bar with stools? If you have a larger sunroom, a dining table large enough for your family is a lovely way to enjoy meals and encourages time together in your sunroom.

Cozy Rugs, Throw Pillows, and Cozy Blankets

Adding throw rugs in pretty colors and fabrics, especially underfoot where you are sitting provides pops of color and warmth. Throw pillows also add color- try adding ones with textured design for visual interest and large enough to support your back. Blankets are another important addition, especially in the cooler weather. 

And a few extras:

  • Add a music source – whether its an old fashioned turntable, CD player or a Bluetooth enabled source, music can add to a sense of relaxation
  • For those book lovers, add built in seating with storage for books and lots of cushions and blankets
  • Add a portable fireplace for the cold weather

Decorating in Your Sunroom During the Holidays

christmas in a sunroom

The holiday and Christmas time are notorious for being a time to enjoy relaxing and spending time with the family. It is also the most popular time to decorate your house! Department stores explode with neverending supplies of holiday decorations. There are endless options and it can seem overwhelming but it is easy to decorate your sunroom to make it even cozier. 

To make things feel balanced and relaxing, focus on similar colors and not adding too much. Choose decorations that you find relaxing, cute, or beautiful. 

Wooden logs, pine cones, and plants act as neutral colors and tend to calm down an area. Especially if you use colorful lights and have colorful decorations throughout the sunroom, you should opt to have more natural colors to balance it out. 

  • Your sunroom can be a perfect place to put up holiday lights in the windows, along the ceiling, or around bookcases, etc. 
  • The warmth of red pillows or red blankets will create a cozy feel. 
  • Having scented candles and lighting them when you are enjoying the sunroom. 
  • Hang wreaths in the windows.
  • Spray fake snow on the windows. 
  • Have a nutcracker, Santa, reindeer, and other such ornaments on bookshelves, tables, etc. 
  • Put poinsettia plants on the window ledge, tables, side tables. 
  • Put up a Christmas tree so it is displayed in the window. 
  • Place candle lanterns on the tables, floor or window ledge. 
  • Wicker or wooden baskets filled with scented wooden logs for decoration. 
  • Add pinecones to the basket or place them on the tables. 

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