Fun Decor Pieces for Your Sunroom

Woman in hanging chair with book - Fun Decor Pieces for Your Sunroom

The sunroom is a great place to add fun decor pieces. Here are some gadgets and decor items that can make your sunroom pop.

  • Portable Projector: Set up a portable projector and your sunroom becomes a theatre, perfect for a cozy movie night.  
  • Automatic Window Coverings: You can bring high tech to your curtains with a motorized device to open or close curtains that run on tracks at the touch of a button. You can also get motorized window blinds.
  • String Lights: Adding string lights can transform any room! You can use them to accent an area or highlight a gallery wall. 
  • Magnetic Mosquito Net: With the hot weather come the insects. A magnetic mosquito net around your door is an easy, relatively inexpensive option to keep those pesky bugs outside. 
  • Speakers: With portable or built-in speakers, you can listen to your favorite music while relaxing, exercising or crafting in your sunroom.
  • A Cooling Pad: In case your sunroom gets extra warm, you can give your pets a pressure-activated cooling pad to keep them chill during hot days.
  • Wall Planter: Have an empty wall? Install wall planters and make yourself a DIY green wall. There are many styles to choose from, such as diamond-shaped pots, macrame, or shelves. 
  • Hanging Chair: There are many different colour options and styles. Another option is a simple hammock to lounge in and enjoy the natural sunlight.
  • Bean Bag Chair: Unlike the original bean bag chairs of the 1960’s, there are now many stylish decorative options to choose from for a fun and comfortable addition to your sunroom decor.
  • Suncatcher: A suncatcher is a fun little ornament you can add near a window of your sunroom. Crystal suncatchers reflect rainbow sparkles in the room. There are also many DIY ideas online, such as painting your glass ornament. 
  • Holographic Window Film: Similar to the suncatcher, the holographic window film provides rainbow reflection in the room and is an inexpensive and fun alternative to privacy films.
  • “Evergreen” English Ivy: If your sunroom has beams across the ceiling, you can attach artificial English ivy plants. They will always look good and are a low maintenance way to “green up” your sunroom. 
  • Wall Mounted Bike Rack: There are many different styles of wall-mounted indoor racks for your bike to combine functionality and aesthetics. 
  • Double-Sided Wall Clock: A sunroom is a perfect area to add a double-sided clock. Vintage train station style clocks are very popular, but you can also opt for a more contemporary look. 

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