Stunning Master Bath Renovation

As the years pass, homeowners are often faced with a dilemma – whether to keep the parts of the house that attracted them to the home in the first place or undertake renovations that will improve both aesthetics and convenience.

Find out how the team at Sunshine Sunrooms approached the remodel of a 1980s style bathroom and transformed it into a spaced that the homeowners loved.

Traditional Meets Ultramodern

Master Bath Before

The setup: The original layout of the home built in the 80s featured an oval-shaped tub flanked by his and her closets with a simple square window as a backdrop.

The goal: The overall goal of this remodeling project was to maximize the existing space and create an airy feel, removing any trace of the outdated design elements.

The Process: For this bathroom transformation, the Sunshine Sunrooms team sought to give the bathroom a completely new look while preserving the best parts of the original design. The old tub was removed and replaced with an expansive 5×4 foot shower complete with gorgeous travertine walls.

The floor of the shower stands out thanks to the hand-laid contrasting tile. The roomy shower is the natural focal point as it sits in the center of the space and is the first thing seen when entering.

To add to the modern look, the large square window was downsized to a smaller rectangular shape with contemporary privacy glass. A seemingly simple change, resizing the window required the Sunshine Sunrooms team to complete some skilled structural work both inside and outside the home.

As an added bonus, a new tub was installed (not pictured) and separate vanities were installed on either side of the tub.

Master Bath After

Design Highlights: Maintaining the overall silhouette was important in this master bath overhaul, though the ultimate goal was to make it feel like completely new space. His and hers closets were a major part of the structural design, and the experts at Sunshine Sunrooms worked with this feature.

This project highlights what Sunshine Sunrooms is all about — creating a memorable renovation that enhances existing design features and elevates them to new heights. Sunshine Sunrooms prides itself on attention to detail and the use of materials of the highest quality, and that approach is evident with this stunning renovation project.

Master Bath Before/After Comparison

The Sunshine Sunrooms Approach to Bathroom Transformations

The team of home renovation experts at Sunshine Sunrooms work directly with homeowners throughout the renovation process to make design ideas come to life. Based in Dallas, Texas, Sunshine Sunrooms has served homeowners for more than 25 years by completely transforming bathrooms, sunrooms, and kitchens. Each project is given the time and attention needed for a dramatic outcome. Clients satisfaction is a top priority at Sunshine Sunrooms and homeowners can be certain that they are working with the best.

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