An Early Millennium Kitchen Transformation

Updating any space in the home is an exciting event that often results in dramatic transformations. 

Keep reading to see how the Sunshine Sunrooms team stepped in and took an early 2000s kitchen from average to amazing.

Kitchen remodel before renovation
Early 2000s Kitchen Before

The Setup: This kitchen’s before look featured an unconventional layout with an angled bar/sink combination that jutted out into the space and a six-foot-tall alcove that served as a wine closet. The remaining space was punctuated with dated cream-colored cabinetry, ceramic tile flooring, and out-of-date laminate countertops.

The Goal: To give this open-style kitchen a refreshing update by reconfiguring the layout to further open the space, and replacing outdated cabinetry and flooring material. 

The Process: The Sunshine Sunrooms team worked with the structure of the kitchen but adjusted the layout. The 6-foot alcove was widened, and new pendant lighting was added over the bar area along with recessed lighting in the ceiling.  The cabinetry was replaced by deeply stained wood cabinets with brushed nickel hardware. Outdated countertops were replaced with durable and beautiful granite.

Design Highlights: Undoubtedly, the opening of the wall to expose more of the kitchen is the most dramatic part of this remodeling project. The awkward opening that doubled as a wine closet was closed off to be used for storage.

Kitchen Remodel with granite countertops
After: Granite countertops throughout and pendant lighting over the bar area

Before & After – Breathing New Life into a Dated Kitchen

This extensive kitchen remodeling project is the epitome of what Sunshine Sunrooms is all about; turning bland and dated space into something truly spectacular. Take a look at this kitchen’s before and after:

Kitchen Remodel before and after comparison
Before/After side-by-side comparison

The Sunshine Sunrooms Approach to Kitchen Remodels

Since 1993, Sunshine Sunrooms has helped homeowners in the greater Dallas area complete stunning renovations to kitchens, sunrooms, and bathrooms. The experienced professionals at Sunshine Sunrooms pride themselves on delivering remarkable makeovers, tailored service, and stellar customer service. 

For the best home renovations in Dallas, Texas, Sunshine Sunrooms is the right choice.

Is your kitchen or bathroom crying out for a makeover?  Call the talented and experienced pros at Sunshine Sunrooms at (972) 243-5390 or request a quote here.

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