A Dramatic Upgrade

Taking an older bathroom and totally transforming it can be quite challenging due to limited space and the plumbing footprint. Discover how Sunshine Sunrooms approached this bathroom remodeling project as it goes from outdated to outstanding.

Sunshine Sunrooms Takes on a 90s Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel: Before

The setup: A dated bathroom featuring a separate tub and shower, characteristic of many homes built in the 1990s, gets an impressive update. Before the makeover, the focal point of this bathroom was an oval shaped jetted tub set against a backdrop of burgundy walls, a glass block privacy window, and supported by neutral ceramic tile. The walk-in shower featured a dated frosted glass shower door framed in brass-tone with an inconvenient layout that made getting in and out a chore.

The goal: To revamp this 90s-inspired bathroom to take it from a crowded and dated space and turn it into a luxurious and relaxing bathroom complete with new fixtures and flooring.

The Process: For this master bath, the Sunshine Sunrooms team started by replacing the outdated jetted tub with a sleek and classy slipper-style clawfoot tub. This slipper-style tub features a sleek silhouette that is taller at the rear and slopes downward toward the front. The glass blocks in the space were retained as the natural light helped to open up the space. 

As for the shower, the old one was completely gutted and replaced with a beautiful curbless shower featuring stainless steel hardware and glass. The shower also had granite accents added that were repeated throughout the space on the vanities and the cap on the pony wall. The vanity mirrors were also strategically placed to maximize the light in the space by reflecting light sourced from the glass block window.

After: updated walk-in shower adjacent to a classic footed soaker tub.

Before & After: Improving the Footprint

Design Highlights: The homeowners played an integral part of the design process for this 90s bathroom makeover. The copper floor tiles that outline the tub and shower areas had been previously purchased by the homeowners, and Sunshine Sunrooms beautifully integrated them into the design.  As the copper tiles age, they will develop a gorgeous patina. 

Sunshine Sunrooms team modified the footprint from the shower and beyond to maximize the walking space in the bathroom. The awkward wall was replaced with a ‘skinny wall’ and a hand-held shower attachment was added. The result: an open and airy contemporary bathroom space that bears little resemblance to its former 90s-inspired design.

Before/After: Side-by-Side Comparison

This total bathroom makeover was designed with the homeowners’ vision in mind as well as what will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional for years to come. Each Sunshine Sunrooms project is infused with impeccable attention to detail in a commitment to delivering the very best in home remodeling.

The Sunshine Sunrooms Approach to Bathroom Remodels

The Sunshine Sunrooms team of experts has developed a reputation for working with homeowners to deliver home remodeling projects using the highest quality materials and well-executed plans. Since 1993, Sunshine Sunrooms has been a staple in the Dallas, Texas, area specializing in in revitalizing sun rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

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