The Award-Winning Bathroom Remodel

Keeping an older home up-to-date can be a challenge for anyone, but there are even more factors to consider as we get older. Safety and accessibility take greater focus.

Some of the most rewarding upgrades are those done to the bathroom. Take a look at how Sunshine Sunrooms transformed a home’s master bathroom into a comfortable, accessible award-winning space.


The Master Bathroom

This bathroom had last been remodeled sometime in the 90s and featured a dated walk-in shower adjacent to a standard oval tub.

A large window served as the backdrop for the space. That was left in place for its clean lines and the ample light that it filtered into the space.

The first order of business was to remove the old-fashioned tub and shower to make way for a sophisticated walk-in shower with a beautiful, easy-to-clean glass shower enclosure and door. Complete with an angled, self-draining bench large enough to seat two, bathing is now easier and fall risks are minimized.  

This shower also features various convenience features including built-in, pitched cubbies that self-drain accumulated water as well as showers with controller and diverter mechanisms that facilitate both handheld and standard shower use. With the innovative hand wand shower control, the main shower can be used in conjunction with a slide bar and acts as a second shower head – perfect for shorter individuals. The hand wand can also be detached and used while sitting on the integrated shower bench.

The dramatic vaulted ceiling over the new soaker tub adds spacious opulence to this gorgeous room.

Designed to make aging at home as comfortable as possible, this bathroom remodel embodies beauty, function, and style.

Careful Planning

This carefully planned project epitomizes what Sunshine Sunrooms is all about – seeing the client’s vision and executing it to perfection. Working closely with the homeowners, Sunshine Sunrooms offered solutions to common problems of those growing older at home and the results were truly spectacular.

Luxury meets Functionality

Luxury Meets Functionality

The Sunshine Sunrooms Approach to Bathroom Renovation

Since 1993, Dallas, Texas-based Sunshine Sunrooms has worked with clients to breathe new life into kitchens, bathrooms, sunrooms, and more. Each client is treated to a dedicated team of professionals who will work with them through every step of the renovation process. Sunshine Sunrooms takes pride in providing innovative solutions and stellar customer service.

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