Decorating Your Sunroom Made Easy

Decorating Your Sunroom Made Easy

Decorating your sunroom can be a great way to bring character and charm to the space. But where to begin? 

Make an Inspiration Board

The best way to start any project is to have a plan and lay out the ideas. First, think of how you will use your sunroom, whether a home office, greenhouse, entertainment center or one of the other many uses of a sunroom. Then, you need to choose a theme and the type of ambiance you want to create. Here are some popular styles you can choose for your sunroom:

  1. Modern: It’s simple and minimalist. You can get a chic monochromatic sofa and chairs and add a few bright accent colors. 
  2. Vintage: Vintage wicker furniture is making a comeback. Plaid patterned cushions or floral rugs will make the space cozy. You could add rattan coffee tables and shelves to complete the room.
  3. Beach-Inspired: If you can’t go on a tropical vacation, bring your vacation spot to your home with sea colors like blue or turquoise. You could add decoration pieces like anchors, seashells or rope and driftwood as decor.
  4. Boho: A throwback to the 1970’s, the boho look features natural elements for a casual, comfortable feel. Using vintage furniture and a natural fiber carpet is a great start. Add different textures, such as a sheepskin over a chair and fluffy pillows. You can choose warm tone colors, such as brown, orange or yellow. 
  5. Extension of Your Home’s Decor: You can decorate your sunroom to match your home’s existing colors and theme.

After choosing the theme for your sunroom, decide on the color pallet. Keep your ideas in the same folder on your computer or cellphone. Apps like Pinterest are great for organizing your inspiration board. 

Shopping for the Right Furniture

When buying furniture for your sunroom, have the room’s dimensions in mind. It’s like that old saying, “measure twice, cut once” (in this case, buy it once!). This rule is very important, whether you have a large sunroom or a smaller one. The better you measure and lay out the furniture ahead of purchasing furniture, the most you can make of your room. And don’t forget to take the measuring tape with you when out furniture shopping.

Another factor you need to have in mind when shopping for sunroom-friendly furniture is that you will be getting plenty of sun, especially during summer. Even though the sunroom will protect the furniture from rain, snow and moisture, some indoor furniture pieces are made with materials that can fade with long-term exposure to the sun. One tip is to buy outdoor furniture to keep it looking good for many years. 

If you have a three-season sunroom, make sure to avoid materials like leather and suede. Those materials can retain heat in summer and feel cold during winter. Leather can dry out and crack when exposed to direct sunlight, and it can absorb moisture and rot. Cotton-polyester upholstery is strong, durable and easy to clean.

Lighting for Your Sunroom

The lighting in your sunroom is easy to overlook but it’s an important element when decorating your sunroom. You can have ambient lighting for overall illumination, use task lighting for specific activities, and accent lighting to highlight objects, pieces of furniture or architectural features. 

Adding the right lighting to your sunroom can make your sunroom pop and bring added functionality.

The Final Touch: Plants!

Adding plants will bring your sunroom together. It brings some outdoor elements that also act as decorative pieces. Plants that require a lot of light, such as aloe vera, snake plants and cactus, can thrive in the sunroom. There are a number of low-maintenance, pet-friendly plants from which to choose.

Another option is adding trailing plants such as spider plants or Boston ferns. Hang them and watch the trails grow down. Macrame or metal hangers can also be decorative pieces.

Lastly, fun pots can add some color and extra personality to your sunroom.

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