Decorating Tips for Your Sunroom

Your sunroom is one of the most versatile rooms in your home. To help you make the best out of your sunroom, here are some decorating tips.

  1. Choose Furniture that Suits its Uses

What do you most often use your sunroom for?  Is it a dining space, workout room, greenhouse, entertainment area or a combination of different activities? 

Whatever the primary use of your sunroom, you will want furniture that is attractive, functional, and durable.  Click here for some tips to keep your furniture looking its best. 

  1. Focus on the View

Many sunrooms have a very attractive view of your home’s landscaping. Consider what your sunroom overlooks before deciding on the décor. You can never go wrong by choosing the theme that complements the outdoors. 

  1. What’s Your Design Style?

We all have the décor style that we love. It can be trendy, modern, or traditional, and each of these spectra of design styles has its specific uses, flare, and function. For instance, if you love the modern look, then you might consider using monochromatic furnishings.

You can also decorate your sunroom as an extension of the theme of your home. 

  1. How Much Greenery to Use

There are numerous benefits to having indoor plants, apart from the aesthetic appeal.  Plants can improve the air quality and help to make a tranquil environment.  But it is possible to overdo it.

Too many plants can make your space too small and cramped and can distract from the greenery outside. The focus should be to allow the outdoor landscape to radiate into your home without contending with its elements. 

Click here to read about some low-maintenance plants that are non-toxic to your pets.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is an important element in a room’s appearance that is sometimes overlooked.  Your lighting should take into account the purpose of the sunroom and should include the three basic types of lighting: 

  • ambient lighting for your sunroom’s overall illumination
  • task lighting to add brightness for specific activities
  • accent lighting to highlight objects or architectural features

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