Cut Costs By Ensuring the Energy-Efficiency of Your Sunroom

Sunrooms aren’t just pleasant living areas, they are spaces that provide extra heat through passive solar energy.

This is why you want to make your sunroom design as energy-efficient as possible to capitalize on warmth in winter, while maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity in the space year-round.

To be energy-efficient, the sunroom must be constructed using the right glass, windows, insulation, and framing.

First, you need to consider if your sunroom will be a space mainly for your plants or a living area for you.

Plants consume energy as they grow. They need air, water, light, and temperature stability. The evaporation of water from the plants uses a lot of heat energy. Plants also require overhead glazing and side wall glazing, which makes the building process more in-depth and actually loses heat.

For a room that serves mainly as extra living space or for entertaining, temperatures and humidity should be kept moderate and the room should be designed for minimum glare.

Windows will need to be energy efficient, preferably south-facing, and will require glazing. Sloped glazing collects heat in winter, loses heat at night, and may cause overheating during warm weather. Vertical glazing is less expensive and maximizes the heat in winter. It is easier to insulate and install and is less prone to damage. Single-paned glass allows too much heat loss from the room, and even double-paned glass is not recommended. Window tint will reduce glare and block UV rays that may harm items in the room. Insulated sidewalls reduce nighttime heat loss and prevent overheating.

Climate control for the movement of heat from your sunroom to the interior of the home may include a ventilation system with manual or thermostat controls that moves warm air into the home. An alternative would be fans that circulate warm air to the rest of the home. You can also choose shades or moveable window insulation that run on a timer or sensor. Climate can be controlled by connecting to your existing HVAC system or installing a heating unit or air conditioning system, as well.

Proper maintenance will also be a consideration. Remember to seal leaks and cover windows during winter.

Of course, helping you design your sunroom is what Sunshine Sunrooms does best.  We take these factors into account and give you the sunroom you not only want but need.

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