Clean Up Tips for Your Texas Sunroom

Clean Up Tips for Your Texas Sunroom

If you have a sunroom that you enjoy during a few seasons or the entire year, you understand how enjoyable it can be when it’s tidy and organized. When the weather begins to warm up and the buds on trees open up, it’s that time to clean up! Here are some simple rules to utilize for a spotless, and comfy sunroom that you and the whole family can enjoy. 

Items you may need:

  • Vacuum with a small attachment 
  • Garden hose
  • Broom 
  • Stiff brush
  • Glass cleaner or White vinegar
  • Bucket
  • Soapy water
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Paper towels
  • Duster
  • Silicon spray 

Cleaning Supplies

If you have a 3-season sunroom and have not used it for several months, the entire sunroom will most likely need to be cleaned. Also, the outside of your sunroom, the roof especially, will need some tender loving care. But even if you have been spot cleaning your year-round sunroom, a full refresh will make it more enjoyable for the next several months. You can use this as a checklist for cleaning your sunroom. 

The Roof

If any of your sunroom roof is made of glass, having it clean and streak free really makes a difference! Since cleaning a roof, and especially a glass roof, is somewhat tricky, it’s likely a good idea to call upon a professional to help but if you are determined to do it yourself, here are a few tips to follow. Always refer to any manufacturers or installation manuals you received with your finished sunroom for proper care. 

  • Make sure to clean the inside of the glass panels first to determine what’s really dirty on the outside.
  • Never walk on a glass roof. It’s best to use a long telescopic broom to wash the glass. The pole will expand to accommodate a fairly good distance so you can easily stand on a ladder.
  • Never lean a ladder against a glass roof. Use an A frame ladder.
  • It’s best to clean the roof in the late afternoon, or early morning or when the sun is less intense.  
  • Avoid cleaning the roof on hot days as a cleaning solution will dry too quickly and water marks may be left. 
  • Make sure to wear safety gear including safety boots and gloves, as needed. 
  • Use tools and cleaners that are meant specifically for window treatments.
  • Cleaning the gutters will ensure that your roof and siding avoids leaks from water backing up behind the finishes. You can use a telescopic gutter brush, it should also expand to a good distance. 

Tidy Up the Surrounding Area

  • Pick up any leaves and debris around the sunroom and sweep any sidewalk or stair areas. 
  • Wipe down any neglected outdoor furniture with a damp cloth
  • Check out all outdoor lights. Replace any lights that aren’t working properly.

Door and Window Tracks

Leaves, twigs and debris often make themselves at home in the tracks of your sunroom doors and windows, especially in the cold, damp, windy weather. 

In order to keep your doors and window tracks working well you’ll need to clean out this debris. 

  • Pay close attention to the weep holes. Weep holes in your tracks drain any rain coming into them. Make sure nothing is clogging them.
  • Take a vacuum with a small attachment and vacuum all of the debris away. 
  • Make sure you let everything dry.
  • Then sweep out all remaining dirt with a broom or brush.
  • Now take a cloth and wipe and clean out anything remaining.
  • Use a silicone spray to oil the tracks and keep windows and doors moving with ease.


Cleaning your window panes shouldn’t be a pain. In fact, cleaning both sides of your windows should make your sunroom feel new again. Dirt on your windows will affect the amount of light coming in, obstruct a clear view, and contribute to a drab atmosphere. Spring and summer are times of renewal, so get your window cleaner and let’s get going.

  • Use any window cleaner of your choice, or an old reliable standby of equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. 
  • Use a microfiber cloth or paper towels to wipe your windows clean.
  • If your windows are in need of deep cleaning then consider first using a hose, set on spray, not jet.


If your screens are removable: Take them off their tracks. If they aren’t looking very dirty, take them outside and simply use a garden hose and spray them. Then shake them out, and put them back. For dirtier screens use a soft brush and soapy water and brush till clean. Then rinse with a garden hose, and shake out excess water. 

If your screens are not removable: Take a wet microfiber cloth that has been dipped in warm soapy water and wipe both sides of the screen. Or use a brush dipped in soapy water. Then rinse, using a dampened (no soap) cloth. Dry both sides with a dry cloth. 

Move the Furniture and Décor

Your furniture can hide a myriad amount of dust bunnies and debris. Main areas of dust and dirt are under your sofas, rugs and around baseboards. It’s best to take all the furniture outside or into another space in order to fully clean floors and walls. This could be the perfect time to reconfigure your space or give it a whole new look with summer-type items and décor. 

  • Dry cleaning the soft furnishings will be a must if you want to create a really refreshed look in your sunroom. 
  • Launder any removable upholstery items that don’t require dry cleaning : ie. Blankets and pillow covers. 
  • Before bringing your furniture back into the sunroom make sure to dust and wipe down all your chairs, book shelves, tables etc.

Curtains and Rugs

Deep cleaning your curtains and rugs not only will make your room smell clean and fresh, allergens hide out in the tightly woven spaces in your carpets and curtains. Once you’ve had these cleaned, the air will be much fresher and healthier for all your family and guests. 


  • Check fabric guidelines for your curtain. Most materials can be tossed in the washing machine. While more delicate fabrics such as silk, will have different cleaning methods. 
  • You can clean spots on machine washable curtains by using a small amount of water and detergent. 
  • If your curtains are delicate, you can bring them to the dry cleaner. 
  • You can also try baby powder and a clean toothbrush to get small spots out. 


  • Carpets should be deep cleaned every 6 months, this is of course dependent on the amount of traffic, spills, stains. 
  • You should vacuum your carpets every week, as they accumulate dust, pet hairs, and other unwanted particles.
  • If a stain is evident, you can use the appropriate cleaner for the fabric of your carpet. You can also use distilled white vinegar (check to ensure it doesn’t cause color to bleed), baking soda and water, as well as a mild detergent and water. 
  • Air dry your carpet after any deep cleaning.  

The Walls

Make sure to take everything off the walls to give it a good inspection. 

For many people, the sunroom is one of the most used areas of the house. Walls will begin to show wear and tear over the years. It’s likely there will be stains here and there from fingers and perhaps damage from furniture scraping and banging into the walls. 

  • Getting rid of stains is simple. A bucket of warm soapy water and a clean cloth should do the trick. 
  • Use the same color paint for any needed touch ups. If you notice the trim is dull, you can brighten it up with a new coat of paint. 
  • Creating a new look by repainting the walls will add a great refresh for the warm season.

Final Bits to Clean! 

Removing mold and mildew is very important for air quality and your own comfort. Knowing how to remove mold and mildew  in your sunroom is easier than you think! 

  • Don’t forget to dust your picture frames, lighting fixtures and any other decorative items.
  • Wipe down your doors and door knobs
  • Clean your switch plates
  • Tidy and/or purge items contained in baskets and drawers
  • Clean or replace any door mats.

Now it’s time to relax with a nice cool drink, and some nice relaxing music. Enjoy the view!

To make things easier for you, here is a cleaning checklist for you to use when cleaning your sunroom.

Cleaning Checklist for Your Sunroom

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