Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Sunroom

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Sunroom

A sunroom is a wonderful addition to any home and part of the appeal of these spaces is creative freedom. A sunroom can be designed and decorated to suit the needs of the homeowner and cater to the types of activities that typically take place. The lighting in a sunroom is one of the things that helps bring it to life.   

Why Direction is So Important

Light direction is important because it is a fusion of natural light and artificial indoor lighting combined to perfectly enhance the space.

North-facing sunrooms tend to get low natural light levels, resulting in shaded areas in your sunroom. A south-facing sunroom sees the most natural sunlight throughout the day so you may need less artificial lighting. Sunrooms that face east tend to get the most sunlight in the morning and afternoon hours, which makes these spaces well-suited for home office use and activities such as morning exercise and breakfast. Sunrooms facing west will be naturally darker during the mornings and afternoons, so the lighting should be chosen based on the times where most activities take place in your sunroom.

The Importance of Your Sunroom’s Windows 

The right type of glass in your sunroom allows adequate light into the space while reflecting the right amount of heat to keep the room comfortable. When it comes to sunroom glass selection, low-E glass is one of the most highly recommended and widely used types of glass available. Low-E glass is insulated, energy-efficient glass designed to minimize heat loss in the colder months and help keep the room cooler in the summer, keeping energy costs manageable. Additionally, Low-E glass filters harmful UV rays, allowing you to let in more light in without fear of overexposure or damage to plants and furniture.

Choosing Accent Lighting for Your Sunroom

Ideally, the type of lighting used in your sunroom is based on three things: the total square footage of space, typical natural light levels, and how you plan to use the room. For leisure activities like reading, family game night, or watching TV, more subtle, ambient lighting is recommended. Look for table and floor lamps with integrated dimmers or 3-way switches that allow you to easily customize illumination levels.

If you have limited space in your sunroom, choose lighting fixtures that will meet your lighting needs and save space at the same time. Look for plug-in style hanging lights that can easily be installed, even in sunrooms with all glass ceilings. Other space-saving options include wall sconces, spotlights, and flush mount fixtures. Keep in mind that if your sunroom has a partial or full glass ceiling, you will need to carefully choose lighting that won’t compete with the amount of natural light in the space.

Get Help from the Pros

When designing the perfect sunroom, it’s a great idea to consult with a professional sunroom expert who can walk you through the entire process, including the best lighting options for your needs. A professional contractor or builder can help you plan your sunroom, taking into account all the factors that will affect the light levels in your new sunroom.  Sunroom experts can answer all your questions and even give you some new ideas to brainstorm.

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