Adding Value to Your Home with a Sunroom

Adding Value to Your Home with a Sunroom

Adding a sunroom to your home adds a particular charm. It’s like no other room in your home. It is an enclosed space that’s open to the outside world while protecting you from the elements. The sun streaming in can add to the mood, enjoyment and health of you and your family while proper windows and shading offer comfort. 

It’s easy to see how a sunroom adds enjoyment and value to you and your home. It’s likely that if you ever decide to sell your home that a sunroom, well presented, will be a plus in the minds of many a prospective buyer. But, and this is a question many people ask, does it add monetary value when I go to sell the house?

The Cost of a Sunroom

Although sunrooms vary in price, depending on the size, type, features and other factors, they tend to be quite affordable. They are also easier and faster to construct, making them within reach of many homeowners.

Square Footage Increase

Any well-designed and well-maintained sunroom, deck, or patio will add value, both personal and monetary, to your home. To be seen as part of the actual square footage of the home, a sunroom needs to be a 4-season sunroom. This means that heating and cooling needs to be an extension of what is already in the home. A 4-season room is the best at adding functional space to the home year-round and will add the most monetary value to your home. 

Natural Light and Windows – An Integral Part of a Sunroom

Builders and architects consider natural light a crucial design factor in home construction. Natural light heightens the atmosphere and appearance of a home and boosts the property’s value.

Homeowners too, have always rated natural light as a top consideration in home design. Lots of natural light enhances the function of a home and also creates a happy and healthy living space. A sunroom gives people the best of nature year-round and especially during seasons when it might otherwise be too hot or too cold outside but still sunny.

New windows are always high on the list of home improvements that buyers desire so one of the best ways to heighten the monetary value of your home is installing good quality sunroom windows – preferably energy efficient. Choosing sunroom windows that are energy efficient is actually quite important in order to keep the room comfortable in all seasons. This will ensure that your rate of return is at its best. 

Landscaping is Also Important

Did you know that attractive landscaping alone can increase your property value? With a sunroom, looking out all those windows and seeing beautiful scenery helps ensure that the value of your home has only one place to go – up!

Keeping the hedges trimmed, your trees in good shape and adding colorful and exotic plants will add to the glorious views. If it is within your budget, hiring a landscaper may be helpful to ensure an interesting and balanced garden.

The Versatility of a Sunroom

An added sunroom can be used for a variety of purposes in a home.

Imagine a greenhouse, a recreational area, a dining area, a guest bedroom, an exercise area, a kids’ play area, a work space, a place for contemplation, a night solarium for peering at the stars, or a combination of some of these. The possibilities are almost endless. Where other rooms in your home usually have single use functions, a sunroom almost cries out for multiple uses. 

Clever staging of a sunroom that shows off these multiple possibilities can really set your home apart from other properties. 

When all is said and done, having a sunroom not only brings monetary value to your home but also emotional and physical well-being. If you already have a sunroom, enjoy its many pleasures. If you’re thinking of getting one, it would be time and money well spent. 

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