9 Good Reasons to Add a Sunroom

You’ve been thinking about adding a sunroom for some time, but just can’t decide if it’s worth the investment. You wonder if you’ll use it, or will it just turn out to be another storage room. Well, here are 9 good reasons that will convince you to add that sunroom.

  1. Vacation Retreat in Your Home

You’d love to buy that vacation waterfront property, or a retreat in the mountains, but they’re totally beyond your budget. A sunroom is a budget-friendly way to get that vacation “feeling” year-round. Vacation means different things to different people, so choose the type of sunroom that suits you, customize it, and decorate it to reflect your ideal vacation spot. You can create a resort atmosphere, or something rustic with a stone fireplace. If a cottage or even a tropical getaway is your ideal vacation, add an indoor hammock for those long afternoon naps.

  1. Office or Studio

A sunroom makes a great spot for an office or a studio. It’s a space away from the rest of the house where you can work without distractions. If you’re self-employed, it’s more productive to have a separate place where you can switch into “work” mode rather than remain in “home” mode. Studies have proven that natural sunlight can improve performance and productivity, as well as physical and mental health.

As a studio, a sunroom provides natural lighting for artists who like to work in that environment (e.g. photographers, painters, and illustrators). Coupled with a view of the outdoors, a sunroom studio can be the perfect creative space.

  1. Family Room or Living Room

You spend a lot of time in a family room, so why not make it a sunroom? Surrounded by sunlight and a view of the outdoors year-round, a family sunroom is very relaxing and calming. At night, you’ll have a wonderful view of the stars.

Alternatively, the sunroom can be an extension of your living room. The extra space will accommodate a growing family, as well as those holiday gatherings. You can extend the design theme of your living room into the new space, or splurge and redesign the whole area. Invest in cozy furniture, with easy chairs and sofas comfortable for lounging. For privacy, choose a window treatment that fits the decor.

Adding a sunroom is a lower-cost investment than a conventional full-sized addition, so consider a sunroom when you want to expand your living room or any other part of your home.

  1. Fun Entertainment Room

There are so many ways a sunroom can be turned into an entertainment room. Install a big screen TV for watching movies and sports events. Go wild and add a pinball machine, billiard table, or poker table. Add some counter space for drinks and snacks. Make sure there are enough places for people to sit or walk around comfortably, and you have a great space for entertaining friends.

  1. Extra Bedroom

It’s always good to have a spare bedroom for guests. The layout of your spare bedroom will depend on the size and shape of your sunroom. If the sunroom is narrow, put a daybed at one end. This makes good use of the space, and you can use the room as a peaceful area for lounging when you’re not hosting guests.

If your sunroom has lots of space, then turn it into a full-time bedroom. Add a table and chair to make it cozy. You’ll also want to add curtains or blinds for privacy. The natural light and open view of the outdoors will make this a calm and relaxing bedroom for your guests.

  1. Craft or Hobby Room

A sunroom is a wonderful spot to set up a separate, dedicated space for crafts and hobbies, away from the kitchen or dining room table. The natural light makes it easy to thread needles or see true colors. Add plenty of storage for your supplies and accessories, and set up lots of table space for sewing, painting, drawing, and assembling. With your craft or hobby room established, you no longer have to move your materials in and out of temporary work spaces around the house.

  1. Reading Room

Imagine having a relaxing place to sit and read, drink a cup of coffee, enjoy the sunshine with a great view of the outdoors, and be absolutely comfortable temperature-wise. The sunroom can be this perfect space for reading in your own mini library. Furnish it with comfy armchairs or couches, low bookshelves so as not to block the view, and just enough green plants to fit the decor. Plants are beautiful to look at, add to the air quality, and help to create a stress-free environment. You’ll be reading with natural light during the day, but add some warm lighting for nighttime reading to maintain this cozy atmosphere.

  1. Fitness Center

Are you tired of looking at your treadmill in the living room, or the exercise bike in the bedroom that has turned into a clothes hanger? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to buy exercise equipment, but had no place to put it. A sunroom provides the space solution for setting up a fitness centre or home gym. In warmer seasons, you can workout in sunshine and fresh air, while enjoying an outside view. In winter, you still have the sunshine and outside view, but also the advantage of an indoor temperature.

If yoga is your way to keep fit, a sunroom makes a peaceful, relaxing space to practice and meditate. Add floor pillows for comfort when meditating, and plants for their aesthetic and calming effect. You’ll want some shelving to store towels, extra mats, and other yoga accessories. Furnish your yoga retreat with comfortable chairs or couches for cooling down after your workouts. For nighttime yoga, add some soft lighting sources such as candles and lamps. If you like listening to music during your yoga workouts or meditations, add a stereo system or iPod dock to the room.

  1. Outdoor Living Indoors

Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors with indoor comforts. Whether you’re barbecuing, hosting a pool party, or just having friends over for dinner, a sunroom can add to the pleasure of these warm weather occasions. No one wants to sit in the scorching heat after a dip in the pool, or while waiting for the meat to barbecue. Instead, you can relax in a cool sunroom and still benefit from the sunshine and outside view, without suffering from heat exhaustion and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The kids can also safely play in the sunroom where they won’t get sunburned.

As well, you won’t have to contend with bugs, mosquitoes, rain, wind, or dirt in the food while you’re eating inside a sunroom. Allergy sufferers can find some relief, and appreciate the outdoors from inside, without all that sneezing and itching.

During the cooler and winter seasons you can still bask in natural

sunshine, sitting in a cozy chair sipping a hot drink.

There are different types of sunrooms, but the four-season room will provide you with a year-round pleasure of the outdoors.

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