5 Tips to Prepare Your House for Colder Weather

Fall is the time to start those home maintenance or home improvement projects you have been putting off. Also, you want to get the house ready for colder weather so you don’t spend a small fortune on heating costs.

Sunshine Sunrooms has a few tips on how to get your house ready by doing just a few simple DIY tricks to keep your home warm and cozy without excessive heating costs.  These help to reduce costs any time of year as well.

  1. Insulate Windows and Doors

The first thing you will want to do is seal off all the air leaks that lead to high energy loss and a high energy bill. Insulate windows and use caulk to seal cracks or gaps around windows and doors. If there is air leakage on the inside, interior caulk is available. Make this chore easy and cheap by measuring the gaps before purchasing your interior caulk strips.

  1. Wrap up the Hot Water Heater

Who knew that your hot water heater needs a blanket, too? The water heater actually increases your gas or electricity bill during winter. Blankets should have an insulation value of at least R-8. Check your tank’s insulation value. High values will not benefit from a blanket. If the hot water heater is warm to the touch, it needs an insulation blanket.

  1. Insulate Pipes

Some simple foam pipe insulation will do wonders to help keep pipes warm and prevent freezing. Pipe insulation is easy and inexpensive. Just measure the pipes before purchasing your foam tubes, then wrap the insulation around the pipes.

  1. Change Your Furnace Air Filter

Regular furnace air filter changes (about every 3 months) are essential in minimizing heating costs. Filters that have become clogged with dust restrict the air flow and reduce the life span of the heating system. Look for a filter by the system’s manufacturer to ensure efficient air flow.

  1. Insulate the Attic

Attics can hold some of your home’s most important energy components, including the water heater, heating system, insulation, and heating ducts. Sealing of holes and gaps in the attic will guard against heat escaping from the home and pulling in colder air behind it. Seal around all plumbing and electrical lines, chimneys and light fixture boxes.

If you need help getting your home ready for the winter, you can contact Sunshine Sunrooms at (972) 243-5390.  We do more than sunrooms.



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