5 Tips to Keep Your Sunroom in Great Condition

Gable roof sunroom constructionWhile we love to repair any make of sunroom when they need it, it is best for homeowners to take preventative measures.

Here are a few tips that will help you protect your investment and ensure years of enjoyment from your relaxation space.

  1. Trim Branches and Foliage

Keep tree limbs and bushes around the sunroom trimmed and maintained. Storms and high winds can drive branches through the windows or roof. Additionally, keeping bushes and hedges trimmed back prevents encroachment by insects and pests.

  1. Keep Gutters Clean

Gutters around the sunroom should be cleared of debris regularly to avoid damage from water draining improperly from the roof due to the blockage.

  1. Keep Windows Clean

Sunroom windows should be cleaned regularly. The outside face of the windows should also be cleaned at least every few months to avoid the buildup of dirt. Do not wash windows with a power washer or pressure washer.

  1. Inspect Walls and Floors

You will want to keep a close eye on the floors and paneling to avoid costly termite or other pest damage.

  1. Replace Window Seals

After a certain amount of time, window seals can start to fail. When this happens, moisture can seep in, permanently fogging the windows. To avoid replacing all the windows in the sunroom seals should be replaced which is a much quicker and cheaper fix.

Repair costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Isn’t it better to keep your sunroom space properly maintained and repaired to avoid the hassle?

Sunshine Sunrooms offers maintenance and repair services on issues ranging from simple leaks and broken glass to structural separation and rotten siding. We are glad to help, no matter who built your sunroom.  Call us at (972) 243-5390 or fill out our online quote form.









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