5 Spring Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home In Great Shape

Spring is the time to clear out all the old, accumulated debris from your life and start anew. It is also a good time for home maintenance to make sure everything is in working order for the year to come. Planning any special social events for warm weather? Getting ready to venture out into the world a little more? It’s best to make sure everything is functional at home before you start your spring and summer plans.


First, the biggies. Taking preventative measures to protect and preserve major components of your home will save you costly headaches later. Completely clean off the roof to make sure it is free of leaves, branches, and dirt that may have built up. Then, do a thorough inspection for damage or signs of weakness. Check all soffits, sidewalls, eaves, and surfaces, not just the shingles and top of the roof.

2. Foundation

This is what holds up your house, so check the foundation thoroughly for cracks, settling or waving, and signs of deterioration. Inspect each part of the foundation, including concrete, mortar, walls, floors, and masonry. Contact a professional immediately if you discover any large cracks or if the masonry is deteriorating.


Clean the AC unit to make sure it is free of dirt and leaves, and check the belt for signs of wear. Make sure there is a cleared area of a foot or two around outdoor heating and AC units. Replace the air filter, carbon dioxide detector battery, and flush the condensate drain with a bleach and water mixture.

4. Irrigation

In preparation for warmer weather, make sure the irrigation system is in good working order. Observe the sprinkler heads to make sure they are functioning correctly. Check for leaks or exposed lines, and adjust sprinkler heads to make sure the water is distributed evenly with no pooling or dry patches.

5. Clean, Seal, Repair, and Replace

Take a tour around the outside of your home. Spring is when you want to clean out the gutters and downspouts and patch any leaks. Pressure wash your outdoor siding. Check all the windows and doors, and fill in any cracks with caulk. Clean window and door screens and check for holes, and Replace any bent or damaged frames.

Clean off exposed decks and fences. If the wood has darkened, it may be time to have the wood treated. Trim landscaping back from the home’s exterior to keep away insects and damage from branches.

Spring home maintenance will save you a lot of hassle and costly repairs in the long run. Plus, it gives you a chance to get outside and enjoy the first hints of warm weather!

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