5 Signs Your Sunroom Needs a Makeover

5 Signs Your Sunroom Needs a MakeoverFor homeowners, it can sometimes be hard to tell when an indoor or outdoor space is in need of a transformation. Throughout the years, parts of the home become familiar, and little things like color choice or furniture placement may not immediately stand out. If it has been years or decades since your sunroom was installed or renovated, here are the top 5 signs that it may be time for a makeover.

#1 Your Sunroom is Starting to Look Cluttered

Sunrooms are designed to provide a comfortable space as we transition from the outdoors into the interior of the home. Sunrooms serve as functional living spaces that combine the best of both worlds by allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even during the colder seasons while remaining safe from the harsh elements. 

Sometimes, the sunroom can look a little too lived in. From excess and randomly placed furniture to a lack of viable storage space, updating your sunroom can help you see this space in a whole new light.

#2 Drastic Temperature and Lighting Variations

Another tell-tale sign that your sunroom could use an overhaul is your level of comfort while in the space. Older sunrooms can suffer from a myriad of issues; among the most common are temperature fluctuations and lighting that is either too bright or too dim. Some of these issues are easily solved with window treatments, while others may require the sunroom to undergo a complete revamp. A qualified sunroom design professional can assist with planning the perfect sunroom makeover that addresses these issues to restore your comfort.

#3 Your Needs Have Changed

Sometimes, life’s circumstances signal the perfect time to renovate your sunroom. Whether you are a recent empty-nester or you’re looking forward to adding to your family, changing needs often call for a complete sunroom redesign. Work with a design professional who will consider how you plan to use the space, how often you will use it, and your must-have sunroom features. Whether you are looking to change your sunroom into a more relaxing retreat or would prefer to create a space that is perfect for entertaining, looking at how your needs have shifted over the years is a great idea.

#4 Your Sunroom Is Dated

Trends change and things get worn out just from everyday use. If your sunroom seems dated or tired to you, it might be time to consider a makeover. From the furniture to the decorative accessories to eco-friendly materials used to build the space, it is possible to update your sunroom and turn it into a space that looks bright and fresh. 

#5 Your Sunroom Has Structural Problems

Some of the issues in your sunroom may be purely cosmetic but others could be structural. Things like older windows and access doors may not only detract from the appearance of the space but could also present safety and security hazards, so moving forward with a sunroom renovation is about more than aesthetics alone. If your sunroom was not a part of your home’s original footprint and was installed as an add-on, there could be some gaps between the main house and the sunroom that, if not addressed, could cause issues like pest problems and water damage.

Create Your Perfect Space with a Sunroom Renovation

Today’s sunrooms offer a host of sought-after features that make it easy to create an inviting area of your home that is both functional and stylish. Sunshine Sunrooms specializes in breathtaking sunroom renovations. With their team of experienced professionals, Sunshine Sunrooms has been the premier sunroom specialist since 1993. For all your renovation needs, you can trust the pros at Sunshine Sunrooms.

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