4 Tips for Maintaining Your Sunroom Furniture

Many sunroom owners choose to decorate with rattan or wicker furniture because it gives the space that outdoor feel. The great thing about sunrooms, though, is they aren’t exposed to harsh weather or extreme temperatures, so there is actually a lot of freedom in what decor style you choose. Whatever style you choose, here are a few maintenance tips to keep your sunroom furniture looking and feeling its best.

1. Be Aware of Fading

The biggest enemy of your furniture will be all that wonderful sun exposure. To avoid quick and noticeable fading, flip furniture cushions every so often. Bright colors will fade more noticeably, so you can always choose a light color palette for fabrics and upholstery, such as white or off-white. Remove cushions when not in use to preserve the color even longer, and replace when necessary.

If you have wood sunroom furniture, check what is recommended for shielding the wood from fading, usually some type of oil like teak oil or mineral oil.

2. Dehumidify

Keep humidity levels in your sunroom even, if possible. Wood and wicker, especially, will succumb to the effects of humidity. If humidity is too low, wicker becomes brittle and dry. If too high, wicker, wood, and upholstery are vulnerable to damage from mold and mildew. Use a dehumidifier, if necessary.

3. Dusting and Cleaning

Make sure to dust regularly in your sunroom and shake out cushions, draperies, and other fabrics. Spot clean stains on fabric with a mild detergent. Wipe down furniture regularly with a small amount of water or soapy water, but be sure the cleaner you use doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that will discolor or scratch the components of your furniture.

4. Refinishing

If your wood sunroom furniture looks faded or scratched, you may want to paint or stain the wood. With rattan or wicker, you can freshen up its look with a simple coat of spray paint in your color of choice.

Ideally, you will choose quality, durable furniture that will last a long time in your sunroom. If you buy cheap furniture, well… . You get what you pay for. Also, if you decide to move the furniture outside in warm weather, you will be in for some extra maintenance and repairs, and you will probably have to replace your pieces sooner rather than later.

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