4 Things to Know When Investing in a Carport

Dallas carport buildYour garage represents a space of possibilities. But it can get crowded, especially if you also use it to park your car. An outdoor carport could be just the thing you need to free up your garage to store belongings or convert into a studio, family room or guesthouse. But before you make that investment, it’s wise to make sure you do your homework.

Check local building codes

Individual cities have very specific rules regarding carport buildings. For example, Dallas, requires that carports that are attached to the main structure of the house must follow specific district setback requirements. Freestanding carports are considered accessory structures and have their own set of regulations. You’ll also need to be sure to take out all necessary permits before you start construction.

Read the fine-print on your home insurance

If you carry homeowner’s insurance, you’ll also need to research carport construction policies. That’s because some insurance companies will require that certified professionals do certain kinds of work such as electrical wiring.

Consider your building materials

Carports can be made out of wood or metal or a combination of materials. Those constructed from aluminum tend to be the most expensive. At the same time, they are also the sturdiest and best able to withstand the kinds of inclement weather events (such as heavy downpours, hailstorms, extreme heat) native to Texas.

Understand your building options

If you are a committed DIYer, know that you can find kits that will allow you to set up a carport on your property. You can also hire a contractor to build a carport for you.

The advantage of the first option is that you may be able to save some money. But if you run into problems, you may lose time (and possibly more money than you bargained for) working out the kinks with a professional.

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