4 Benefits of Pool Screens

You love your pool and all the cooling recreational opportunities it affords your family, especially during the long hot months of summer. But you don’t love all the bugs that often accompany the heat and humidity. And all that direct sunlight on those 90+ degree afternoons? It can be harsh, especially on eyes and skin.

Pool screens might be just the solution you’re looking for. They have many benefits that make them an excellent investment not just for you but also for your home.

1: Screens deter insects and small animals

Pool screens help keep pool water free of all kinds of insects, from bees and wasps to mosquitos that may carry Zika virus. They can also help protect the area around your pool from snakes, lizards, raccoons, cats and dogs. With a pool screen, you and your family can spend more time enjoying the water and less time spraying on bug repellent or chasing out unwanted animal “guests.”

2: Screens offer shade/UV protection

Pool enclosures filter sunlight and help cut down on damaging UV rays. That means you and your family can relax outdoors in greater comfort and safety. Screens also have the added benefit of protecting your pool. The shade they provide actually helps extend the life of any chlorine you may be using to keep pool water safe and clean.

3: Screens keep out debris

Yard debris can also fall into your pool, which only adds to the work you — and your pool filters — have to do to keep everything clean. Screens help by blocking leaves, grass clippings, flowers, pine needles dirt and more from getting into the pool water. You can choose an enclosure design that allows for debris to slide off the roof. And if you opt for a flat-topped model, a leaf-blower will allow you to clean the screens quickly and easily.

4: Screens are attractive

You can customize your pool screens to suit the design of your home and the needs of your family. An expert screen installation company like Sunshine Sunrooms can help you design an enclosure that’s not only practical but also add beauty — and value — to your backyard and home.

Sunshine Sunrooms has been providing North Texans with quality home remodeling for almost 25 years. We take great pride in helping homeowners build home additions designed to last. For the best in service and quality, Sunshine Sunrooms is the one!


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