We've installed more than 5,000 exquisite sunrooms for North Texas homeowners

Our Sunrooms are Custom-designed and
Built for Your Home

For over two decades, Sunshine Sunrooms has been the premier builder of North Texas sunrooms. We have done over 5,000 installations and continue to do hundreds more every year.

We are the industry innovators and the first company to introduce many unique features to the North Texas market.

Not your conventional sunroom company

We are more than a sunroom installation company, we are a general contractor that will design and integrate your new sunroom perfectly into your home to maximize light and visual effects. Your sunroom becomes a beautiful and seamless part of your home not just an added attachment.

We also handle all the electrical, heating and ventilation, and structural modifications that other companies can't or won't do. And so much more.

Nothing is prefab about our approach

We do not build prefab sunrooms at all. Just review our extensive image gallery.

When you contact us, our design expert comes to your home, not a salesperson.

Our designer conducts an extensive interview with you to determine the best design, the best materials, the best floorplan for you, your family and your home.

We then create the perfect sunroom to fulfill your dreams.

Here is what one of clients said:

“When Sunshine came to my house and looked at my existing room, they paid very close attention to what I was looking for. They asked many questions about my life style and spent hours with me planning my room. I was beginning to see the sun again. It turned out better than I had imagined. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful sunroom that I enjoy everyday. I couldn’t have hired a better contractor than Sunshine.”

Have something difficult in mind?

Unlike other companies, we thrive on difficulty. We are at our best when solving complicated design and installation problems.

We never say "no" to a difficult project. It defines us.

Doesn't take forever either

Once materials have been ordered and received, our crack team of expert craftsmen will immediately start construction of your sunroom. It will be complete in as little as ten days, sometimes even five.

Check out our commitment to excellence

Our track record is proven. We invite you to check out our listing with the Better Business Bureau and then any of our competitors.

We are not happy until you are happy. And we have thousands of happy clients.

In fact, customer service is not just an abstract concept to us.

We will go out of our way to help a client, any client - even that of another company. We commonly repair sunrooms that the original builder refuses to touch.

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